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” I went to Hamra Jewelers to have my Breitling watch serviced. The first associate told me they would have to send the watch back to Breitling, which would take minimum 4-6 weeks turn around. I asked if there was a more timely option and if they could service my watch locally. Paul Hamra, the company president, then met me at the counter. He was very friendly and took the time to examine my watch. He told me they would inspect it, clean it and determine if it needed a minor or extensive repair. He also told me they would call me the next day. I got a call the next day from a cheerful associate that my watch was repaired and ready for pickup. I went to Hamra the following day and was greeted by Sana. She had my watch in like-new condition. She was very pleasant & offered great customer service. The repair and cleaning cost was very reasonable, considering what Breitling charges to send the watch back to the factory. They also have a nice selection of new watches. Paul showed me some of the new models when I first came in and told me they take used watches in trade. He was informative without being pushy. When people have many avenues for the same products, the value is in customer service. I was impressed with my experience at Hamra Jewelers. ”
- Kevin F.
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