Picking Out the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend


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There are no words to describe the feeling you have when you realize that you have found “the one,” that you want to spend the rest of your life with.With nervous anticipation, you have made the decision to ask your girlfriend to become your wife. You have chosen her because of the way she makes you feel. The love that you have for her is so strong that no one could ever replace her.

The first step is to decide whether or not to ask her Dad, your soon to be father-in-law for her hand in marriage. This is a more old-fashioned approach, but if you are marrying into a family that would appreciate this tradition, then it is best to start off on the right foot. You wouldn’t want your Fiancé to be upset that you skipped a tradition her family follows. Hopefully, “Dad,” says yes and you can move onto selecting the ring.If her Father has passed or is not in the picture, speak with her Mom and ask her for permission to marry her daughter. Many Mother-In-Laws appreciate this thoughtfulness because it helps to have them keep the deceased parent involved even though they are gone. If it was just mom raising your Soon-To-Be then it just makes your proposal all the more special for her and her family.

The Hamra Jewelers Store has a wide selection of designer engagement rings and also has the ability to accommodate unique custom designs. You can visit with our staff and let them show you different options within your price range.


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The next step is to talk with your closest friends and family members. Planning a proposal can be stressful, so having help can make it more a more enjoyable experience. Some men even speak with her Mom, Sisters, and closest friends. You are looking for advice to see what Engagement Ring Design Styles she really likes.

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Here are some ways to find that information out:

• Sneak onto her Pinterest Account and see if she pinned any Engagement Ring Pins.

• Ask her Mom, Sister or Friend to nonchalantly ask her what Engagement Ring Designs that she likes online and have them email you the picture. You can also visit the   Hamra Jewelers Engagement Ring Selection Online.

• You can also visit our Engagement Rings Board on Pinterest for some Engagement Ringspiration.

If you are not as focused on the surprise element as much as making sure that you get exactly what your girlfriend wants, you might want to bring up the topic of engagement rings in conversation and ask her what she likes and does not like. Other couples enjoy going shopping at jewelry stores together so that they can compare options and so that the guy can see firsthand what his girl loves.

Knowing your budget and finding out what general style your girlfriend is looking for will go a long way. The details of picking out a diamond and deciding between a custom setting versus a designer ring will come to you as you shop.

Each member of our team at Hamra Jewelers is trained and qualified to assist you in finding the perfect ring for your girlfriend or loved one. We love spending time with our customers and helping them explore their options and learn about the variety of rings and diamonds we have available to suit their needs. We have found that most of the time when you find the right ring, you will get that same feeling you had when you knew you found “the one.”