Introducing the Moval Diamond


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The shape of your diamond says a lot about your personality. From the classic round brilliant cut to the more modern princess cut, each shape lends a different feel to your Jewelry and never has this been truer than with the moval shaped diamond.

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What Is A Moval Diamond?

The moval diamond is exactly what it sounds like — an elegant blend of marquis and the oval shape. It is more elongated than a traditional oval, yet the ends still hold a soft curve, unlike the defined points of a marquis stone.

Like the marquise stone, the moval diamond is an excellent choice for a stone for smaller hands, because its elongated shape makes fingers appear longer than they really are.

The moval diamond has found its way into several eras of jewelry-making, from Edwardian to Art Deco to the present day. Recently they have found their way into the Hamra Jewelers showroom — you can find them gleaming proudly in this diamond engagement ring, as well as these beautiful earrings.

Looking for ways to incorporate the moval cut into your Jewelry Collection? We’ve got a few suggestions:

Moval Diamond Earrings

Paired with an updo, moval diamonds as earrings will make your neck look long and slender. They’re the perfect statement piece for hot summer nights.  

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Beautiful earrings featuring 3.53 carats total weight in moval cut diamonds and .28 carats total in round brilliant cut accent diamonds set in 18k white gold.

Moval Diamond Ring

The moval diamond’s timeless elegance makes it the perfect symbol of your undying love when used as an engagement ring. If you’re already engaged, the moval diamond also makes a great conversation piece as a right-hand cocktail ring.

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Exquisite ring featuring a 4.20 carat moval shaped center diamond with 1.19 carats total in round accent diamonds and .24 carats total in pave diamonds set in 18k white gold.

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Looking to add the moval diamond to your collection, Hamra Jewelers would love to help you find the perfect stone. Give us a call at 480-946-5110 and schedule your visit.