4 Reasons to Design a Custom Engagement Ring


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Design a Custom Engagement Ring

It is customary to give your beloved soon-to-be a ring when you propose to them. Why not put the “custom” in customized by getting them a ring that was has been specifically designed for them? You don’t just have to get a pre-made ring: If you want to get your sweetheart something extra special, consider talking to your jeweler about creating a unique Jewelry design that is just for her.
At Hamra Jewelers, custom jewelry is one of many services that we’re proud to provide for our customers. Our Jewelers have had years of experience designing custom Jewelry pieces that have dropped jaws and will make her eyes light up. Here are four reasons why you should think about getting one of our professionals to design a custom engagement ring for your the love of your life.

One Of A Kind
Your lady love is one of a kind. Shouldn’t she have a ring that’s as unique as she is? When you design a custom engagement ring, you have created an original piece of Jewelry, that no one but your intended will be wearing. It is very thoughtful and romantic to give someone a ring that’s been designed specifically for them.

It Fits Her Style
A custom ring also gives you the opportunity to customize a ring that’s perfectly suited to her individual style. Consider what colors she likes to wear. Think about the metals and stones she has on the jewelry she already owns. Does she like simple and subtle designs, or does she usually opt for things that are more bold and ornate? It can be hard to find a pre-made ring that can perfectly match her tastes, her wardrobe, and her sensibilities. By designing her ring, you’re giving her a piece that she can wear with pride that smoothly fits into her life.

Show Off Your Creativity
There are a lot of gorgeous, absolutely wonderful engagement rings out there. If you went out and bought one for your lady, there’s no doubt that she’d love it too.  If you have bought Jewelry in the past, it is the thought, the gesture, and the commitment behind it that really matters. But if you want to get her a ring that shows her you care and that you have a creative side, custom jewelry is the way to go about it. It just allows you to create a ring that’s tailored to her desires. It also gives you a chance to personalize her ring by adding some personal touches. Let your own tastes and ideas be a part of the custom design process. It will make her ring feel so much more meaningful if she knows that you played a part in its design.

Custom Tailor Your Budget
Another distinct advantage of doing custom work is that it gives you a chance to build a ring around your budget. You get a variety of different options to choose from in terms of gemstones, grades of diamonds, bands, metals, and embellishments for your ring. You can create a unique ring that looks as beautiful as a pre-designed ring, and often times it could be much cheaper depending on the materials you select.
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