Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, the planning and preparation process beforehand can often be the most stressful part. You have to worry about where to stay, what to pack and most importantly, what to wear! If you’re a true fashionista, you won’t let a little traveling stop you from bringing along your favorite jewelry. But you can’t just drop your precious jewels at the bottom of a suitcase! Traveling with jewelry requires more care than that.

Traveling with Jewelry

Here at Hamra, we’re experts in all things jewelry related, but you don’t need to be a Scottsdale jewelry store like us to ensure your gems and diamonds are kept safe when traveling. Just follow our expert tips so that the next time you’re traveling with jewelry, your most treasured items will stay just as bright, shiny, and protected as the day you bought them.

Tips for Traveling With Jewelry

1. Invest in a Portable Jewelry Case

When traveling with jewelry, the best way to protect your pieces is by storing them in a portable jewelry case. You can find these online, at some jewelry stores, or even create one yourself. The portable jewelry case doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. It just needs to protect your jewelry from rubbing against anything abrasive.

2.  Carry it With You

If you’re traveling by plane, make sure to stow your jewelry in your carry on luggage. Don’t pack it in a suitcase that’s going to be checked at the airport. Keep it with you at all times. That’s the only way to ensure its safe arrival to your destination.

3.  Use the Hotel Safe

Once you’re at your destination, don’t leave your jewelry unattended. If you’re not wearing it that day, place it in the hotel safe instead of keeping it unprotected in your hotel room.

4. Make a List

In all the craziness of traveling, it’s easy to accidentally leave things behind. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, write down every item of jewelry you’re taking with you. Check the list just before you head back home. Forgetting your toothbrush at the hotel is one thing, but forgetting your exquisite diamond ring is quite another!

5. Have a Backup Plan

By that, I mean make sure your jewelry is insured and properly appraised. When traveling with jewelry, it’s important to think of the worst case scenario so that you’ll be prepared should anything happen. If, for some reason, your jewelry does go missing or is stolen on your travels, you can rest easy knowing that your insurance company will replace it or write you a check so that you can replace it yourself.

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No matter where your travels take you, be sure to stop by our jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ, beforehand to find the perfect worldclass accessory for your jetsetting adventures.