Top Cases for Storing Automatic Watches

The beauty of having an automatic, self-winding watch is that it does what its name implies – winding the mainspring on its own without having to worry about it. While you’re wearing the watch, the motion of your arm does the trick in keeping the rotor spinning. What happens when you take the watch off for a few days can present a problem. Extended periods of time with lack of movement will cause the watch to wind down and eventually stop.

You can always wind the watch manually, but this may become more of a chore, especially as your watch collection grows. When that happens, you’ll want to have a high-quality watch winding case. These cases not only protect your watch when it is not being worn, but ensures that it stays wound and ready for use.

What to Look For?

There are some key variables that play a role when choosing the right winder. Let’s start with price. You will find that cases can run from as low as $40 to several thousands of dollars. The more expensive cases are typically constructed with more elaborate and high-quality materials. Inexpensive winders can still do the trick, but be sure to do your research. Some cheaper options don’t seem to work as well.

You will also want to consider functionality. There are cases that simply do the most basic task of winding your watch. Others are built in a more elegant way for show. There are also extravagant cases that monitor temperatures, come with built in drawers and act as a mini-safe for your watches.

Top Cases

Brookstone Quad

This is a good choice for someone who is looking to house up to 4 watches at once. It is a very simple design, but reliable and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Wolf Designs Roadster

Bound in black leather and featuring an exotic ebony Macassar wood veneer faceplate with chrome hardware, this winder is for those who are looking for something adequate for their expensive watch.

Swiss Kubik

For the minimalist. Its simple design is only skin deep. This winder is fully programmable through the makers website. It allows you to set the winder to work to the specifications of your timepiece.

For more questions about automatic watch cases and winders, please feel free to give us a call. Our great passion for elegant and sophisticated watches keeps us in the know regarding quality and technology.