Personalize His Wedding Ring

When we think about wedding rings, we think about her. As a culture, we’re inclined to think about wedding rings as something that women deeply care and think about. When it comes to men, we often think of them as just being grateful to have one in the first place and not having much of an opinion as to how they should look. But that’s not true: Men have taste and style, just like women. Everybody wants to feel like the jewelry they wear is right for them and embodies their character; nobody wants to wear something that feels generic and thoughtless.

At Hamra Jewelers, we know how important it is for the bride and the groom to find rings that honor the spirit of their union AND their individual personalities. Ladies, show your husbands some love by personalizing their wedding rings! Here are five ways to make his ring look and feel like no one else’s.

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One of the most common and satisfying ways to personalize any wedding ring is to engrave or inscribe it. Tell your beau how much you love him by inscribing a personal message inside the band of the ring that only he can see. Or engrave a drawing or symbol, something that only has meaning to you both, on the ring so he has a constant reminder about how much you love and think about him.

Custom Work

Sometimes the best way to personalize a ring is to talk to the hand that’s going to wear it. Take your husband into Hamra Jewelers to get his ring custom made! Let him create a ring that caters to his taste, using a style and materials that resonates with him personally. No matter how well you know your groom to be, it can be hard to find something that truly represents him as a person. So why not go to the source himself and have him pick his ring? He’s going to wear it for the rest of his life: It may as well be something that he had a say in.

Matching Watch

The two most common pieces of jewelry a man will wear in his life is his wedding ring and his watch. So why not have them match? When choosing his wedding ring, choose a material that matches the color of his watch. Or give him an extra special groom gift by buying him a watch that matches his ring!


You can personalize his ring by adding birthstones. Diamonds are beautiful, but so is a personal touch, and few things tell your man that you’ve thought about HIM like getting a stone that celebrates his birth and embodies his spirit. You could even pair your rings: Place your birthstone on his ring and have his birthstone on yours!

Ring Box

Wedding rings are meant to be forever, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing them forever. There are times where you’ll have to take off your ring. Maybe your groom to be lives a very active lifestyle? He may not want to be doing rigorous workouts or sports while wearing the ring all the time: No matter how durable the materials are, any ring can be damaged over time through that kind of wear and tear.

Get your husband a ring box. A small and strong container that can keep his ring safe and secure when he needs to take it off. Make it extra personal by inscribing a loving message inside the box, or perhaps even place a picture of yourself inside! And if a box doesn’t seem right for your husband, consider getting him a chain. He could hang the ring around his neck when he needs to keep his hands free. This could be an especially good option if your groom does a lot of work with his hands.

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