In the words of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy: “Pearls are always appropriate.” Pearls are a gorgeous and classy alternative when it comes to jewelry. Gold, silver, gems and diamonds have their times to shine, but there are some moments in life that call for a touch of understated elegance. In those moments, you can forget about diamonds: PEARLS are a girl’s best friend!


We’re passionate about pearls at Hamra Jewelers, just as we’re excited about our wide selection of diamonds, rings, necklaces, watches, colored stones and other beautiful pieces of fine jewelry. If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your jewelry collection, pearls are the way to go. They should be as welcome a sight sitting in your jewelry box as they would be sitting in the mouth of an oyster. But there are so many different styles of pearl necklaces! Which one is right for you? Read on to find out more about the different types of pearls and necklaces that are out there, making the world a lovelier and more refined place.


Know Your Pearls

There are many different ways to judge pearls, based on their size, shape, lustre and other factors. Pearls can come in natural and cultured varieties. These varieties include:


  • Akoya: these are smaller saltwater pearls, ranging in size from 2mm to 9mm, that are farmed in Japan and China.

  • Freshwater: ranging in size from 2mm to 11mm, freshwater pearls are found in China, Japan and parts of North America

  • Tahitian: cultivated from black-lipped oysters, these pearls are from Polynesia and range in size from 9mm to 16mm.

  • South Sea: found in silver and gold-lipped oysters, these pearls are found in Australia, Indonesia and The Philippines and range in size from 8mm to 15mm and larger.


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Collar Style

These necklaces consists of no more than two strands of pearls. The longest strand on a collar style will be no more than 16 inches. These pearls look best on low collar dresses and can be stunning when paired with off-shoulder gowns.


Choker Style

The choker is the classic pearl necklace, the style that almost everyone thinks of first. It is a simple and elegant strand of pearls. A single strand or a multi-strand. The single strand looks great for casual dresses and works well with light makeup. It’s a piece of jewelry that’s fit for shopgirls AND princesses.  The multi-strand, all the same length is for an elegant night on the town.


Princess Style

Princess is another single strand style of pearl necklace. What separates it from the choker is that it is much longer. The average princess style will be about 18 inches long. It works well with high neck-line dresses.


Rope Style

The rope style stands out from the pearl pack with its distinctive long rope-shaped look. It can be as long as 45 + inches. It’s a little too bold and majestic for casual wear, so it’s a piece that’s best worn when you’re trying to make a BIG impression.


Pendant Style

This is a look that has been trending for many years. Pendant necklaces consist of a pearl pendant that’s attached to a thin metal chain (usually made of gold, silver or platinum). Unlike other pearl necklaces, they don’t have a uniform look or length: their appearances can vary widely, which means they don’t always pair well with the same kinds of clothes like other pearls do.  Although can be quite versatile depending on style.  Some look great with a t-shirt and jeans and then the same pendant can be worn with a dress or evening gown.


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