Jewelry Trends for Summer

Summer is the time of tropical getaways and long afternoons spent in leisurely activity. It’s also the time of unbearable heat, which can make dressing up — especially in your most lavish jewelry — seem daunting. Fortunately, certain jewelry trends are ideally suited for summer, and we’ve got a list of them right here.

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Simple Necklaces

Summer’s plunging necklines demand elegant necklaces to accentuate them. But summer’s oppressive heat can make the prospect of layering heavy jewelry seem less than appealing. That’s why the hottest months are the perfect time to bring out your simple necklaces and pendants — think brilliant gemstones suspended from delicate chains.


While earrings certainly have their place in every season, summer is their time to shine. It’s the season of up-dos and bare shoulders, and what better way to bring the focus back to your face — and stay effortlessly sweat-free — than a gorgeous pair of earrings?

For maximum effect, choose a dramatic pair in a bold color (we’re fond of these yellow diamond drops, or these blue topaz and diamond pendants) and pair with a dramatic high ponytail or bun.  

Bangle Bracelets

If you can’t bear the thought of necklaces weighing you down in the heat, then bangle bracelets were made for you. A simple band of metal that can move freely along your forearm is a welcome solution to wearing jewelry and still staying cool in the summer. Keep things interesting by choosing one or more with an unusual texture or finish, like this yellow gold and diamond piece, or this white gold and diamond beauty.

Rose Gold

If you love neutrals with a feminine twist, then rose gold might just be the metal for you. It’s seen a dramatic rise in popularity over the past few years, and secured its place as one of the most popular metal choices for jewelry this year with the introduction of Rose Quartz as one of the Pantone Colors of the Year.

Rose gold is a failproof metal choice for any of the above styles, as well as rings and watches. It’s a beautifully understated look that adds a subtle gleam and elegance in perfect keeping with summer’s laid-back vibes.

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