You protect your house, your family, your car… all of your other big ticket items, but what about your engagement ring or fine jewelry? Chances are, it makes the top 10 list of most expensive things you own, and should be protected with an insurance plan.

But where do you go to get one? How do you know which plan fits your needs best? Here at Hamra, we direct our customers to The Perfect Circle, a division of the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.They specialize strictly in jewelry insurance policies, both personal and business, and do an excellent job of making sure the clients of our Scottsdale jewelry store are properly covered.

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 For a personal jewelry insurance policy there’s some things you should know…

Why should I insure my jewelry?

-Accidents happen!

-This is the most important piece of jewelry you own, you should treat it as such.

-It’s an inexpensive way to give yourself peace of mind.

What will my policy cover? The right policy will cover:




What questions should I ask?

-Can I use a jeweler of my choice for repair or replacement?

-Do I have a deductible?

-Will you replace the ring or give us a check?

-What if my ring is an irreplaceable family heirloom?

-What if the ring I originally purchased is no longer available?

-Are there any special circumstances in which you would not cover my ring?

As we sell our one-of-a-kind engagement rings in Scottsdale and get to see the overwhelming sense of pride that comes with a purchase so special, we hope that each client examines all options when it comes to protecting their precious investment.