How Much Should You Really Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Before you pop the big question, you might end up asking yourself this question: How much should I spend on an engagement ring? It’s a tricky question because there isn’t a set-in-stone answer. It varies depending on each couple’s circumstances.

At Hamra Jewelers, we take great pride in helping couples find their forever rings. We can’t tell how much should be spent on a ring, since it depends on what you are seeking. What we can do is offer a few pointers and guidelines that can be used to help figure out a number for yourself. The next time you ask yourself how much should be spent on an engagement ring, ask yourself these questions and you may find your answer.

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What’s Your Budget?

When shopping for an engagement ring, take your budget into consideration. How much are you able and willing to spend? It’s important to be realistic. You want to buy your beloved a beautiful ring that will be cherished forever, and there are gorgeous rings available at a variety of different price ranges. Get a ring that caters both to your love’s tastes and to your finances.

What Does She Desire?

When getting an engagement ring for a bride-to-be, you’ll want to take her tastes into consideration. What she likes can make a big difference in determining how much you should spend on that ring. Does she want a diamond? Is there a certain diamond cut that catches her eye? Round, cushion cut, emerald cut?  Is there a certain carat size that her heart yearns for?  What kind of metals does she like? Is she in love with yellow gold, or is her heart set on white gold or platinum? Perhaps she wants a colored stone. Gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds can make a lovely alternative to diamonds. Perhaps she loves astrology and wants your birthstone on her ring? Maybe she wants an eternity band instead of a diamond engagement ring.

How much you’ll spend on the ring will depend greatly on her preferences on these subjects. Considering how much of an emotional and financial investment engagement rings can be, it’s in your best interest to find out what your beloved likes so you get her a ring that is EXACTLY suitable..

Is It A Custom Job?

While there is a lot of different ring styles to choose from, perhaps none of them seem right for that someone special. At that point you may to get custom work done.  While custom jewelry can sometimes be more expensive than buying a finished ring, the trade-off is that you will end up with an original piece that is as precious and one-of-a-kind as the woman who’s going to be wearing it..

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