There’s a large amount of people in the United States and around the world that are embracing alternatives to western medicine. From acupuncture to reflexology, there are many ways to deal with ailments apart from medications and surgery.

Discover the Healing Power of Gems


This unique belief in medical alternatives spills over into the world of gems as well. There’s been known to be great power in crystals and gems, using them in tune with nature to promote healing within the body.

The following gems have been known to have healing benefits:

  • Amber - memory loss, heart problems, headaches

  • Amethyst - insomnia, arthritis, circulation

  • Aquamarine - liver problems, calms nerves, issues with stomach, teeth and eyes

  • Citrine - hearing, clear mind

  • Garnet - heart issues, lung problems, intimacy

  • Lapis - insomnia, depression, creativity

  • Onyx - spirituality

  • Pearl - calm, loyalty

  • Peridot - stress, anger

  • Ruby- emotional issues, happiness, passion

  • Sapphire - inner peace, pain, expression

  • Topaz - greed, emotions

  • Turquoise - healing, balance

While we can’t say for sure that any of these gems are scientifically proven to help with these problems, we do know that jewelry puts a smile on anybody’s face. A beautiful turquoise necklace or a token of appreciation, such as a pair of citrine earrings, can bring light to someone’s life. It may not cure them or rid them of their problems, but knowing that you put enough thought into their gift can raise their spirits.

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