There’s been a change in the air lately. Autumn is finally here, but it’s not the temperature that tipped us off. As the seasons change, many individuals change their jewelry to match their new fall wardrobes.

We love the trend. Not only do you get to rotate your favorite jewelry to maximize wear time, but it’s a new way to dress for the season regardless of the actual weather. If you’re looking to change your gemstones with the seasons, here are our best tips.



The brisk air of fall calls for an extra spark of life in your jewelry. The vibrant, ruddy tones of a ruby are the perfect reflection of fall’s most popular colors, red. For the best effect, offset it with warmer cognacs, olives and golds.

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Emeralds are the perfect accessory as we move past Thanksgiving and edge toward Christmas. The deep, brilliant green is a nod to the holiday season and evokes dreams of snowy evergreens. Though traditionally set in yellow gold, we think emeralds look particularly striking in an icy white gold. Pair with your winter whites, or wear against a palette of muted darks to add depth to a monochromatic look.



Pearls are a classic accessory that work with all of the seasons. Pearls are available in countless varieties of color and style. We particularly like pearls paired unexpectedly with a more casual fabric like chambray for an enviable laid-back glamour.



The rich, deep blue of sapphires conjures scenes of halcyon summer days. This all-American color is as essential to your summer as ice cream and apple pie, and it’s certainly longer lasting than either. Pair with your favorite reds and whites for hot July nights, or with an all-white ensemble for a weekend on the water.


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