When your ring is purchased for you or you purchase a ring for someone else, it can be hard to get their ring size if you want the gift to remain a surprise. That’s where we come in! We can help you resize your ring so it fits perfectly, relieving you of the fear of a ring becoming stuck or losing it.

Ring Sizing

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The main thing you need to know when purchasing a ring for someone when you aren’t sure of their ring size is you want to get as close as possible. This could mean doing some detective work such as bringing in another ring they wear or asking someone close to them that you can trust.

When resizing a ring, there’s two ways it can be done.

If the ring is too small…

Depending on how much the ring size needs to be changed, there are two options when enlarging a ring. One is by essentially stretching the metal, which will thin it out and enlarge the opening. The more common practice is to add a small piece of metal to open up the ring.

If the ring is too large…

This is the reverse of what happens when sizing down a ring. A piece of metal will be removed from the ring, allowing the jeweler to pull the two remaining sides together, creating a smaller circle. The prongs (if any) will then have to be tightened due to the stress put on the metal. Sizing beads can be soldered to the inside of the ring as well.

If you purchase a ring and it’s wildly over or undersized, have no fear. The right jeweler will be able to help you. It’s also important to discuss with your jeweler what you can do in the case that it’s not the perfect ring for your significant other or special person in your life. Many times, jewelers will offer you the opportunity to trade in rings or give you credit towards another.

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If you’ve purchased a ring that needs to be resized, visit or call our luxury Scottsdale jewelry store at 480-946-5110. Whether you’ve made your purchase or still need to decide, we have a wide selection of high-end jewelry that is sure to include the perfect piece for you.