If you wear an outfit and end up spilling on it, of course you’ll throw it in the washer, but what about your jewelry? Imagine all the things your jewelry is exposed to…

  • Dirt

  • Food

  • Chemicals

  • Makeup

  • Soap

We’re here to tell you that cleaning your jewelry regularly can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Certain factors such as sweat, salt water and chemicals can begin to break down your setting or even your gem.

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Here at Hamra, a luxury jewelry store, we have multiple options to clean your cherished jewelry. Pick from any of the following options:

  • Sonic cleaner: This is a vibrating machine that loosens grime and dirt without harsh chemicals. It can clean even the tiniest places, removing buildup between your gem and prongs.

  • Steam cleaning: We recommend using our steam cleaning services for semi-precious stones, emeralds and pearls because the sonic cleaner simply cannot be used.

Jewelry Cleaning Tip: Be extra careful with pearls. They are very susceptible to damage and degeneration when handled improperly.

  • Hand cleaning: Sometimes, machines are just too rough on certain gems to be used safely. In these cases, we will use a brush and clean your fragile pieces by hand.

While you will find resources on Pinterest, in blogs and from Sally-knows-it-all down the street telling you how to clean your jewelry at home, we always recommend professional cleaning to ensure your jewelry is cleaned properly and safely.

Bring your jewelry into our store to see just how much your piece can sparkle again with new life.