Bracelets And Bangles

We all know what rings and earrings are… but do you know the difference between a bracelet and a bangle?

At Hamra Jewelers, we carry a variety of beautiful bracelets and bangles that will compliment any ensemble. No wardrobe is complete without a bit of luxury on your wrist. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle? We have the answers.

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The term “bracelet” can encompass any kind of jewelry that you wear on your wrist. Bracelets can come in a wide variety of designs: They usually don’t have a fixed form. They can be comprised in a variety of different shapes. Bangles are more straight-forward in their shape: Bangles are solid forms and ring-shaped. Whereas bracelets can sometimes come with clasps or be open in the middle, bangles are generally meant to be slipped on and have no gaps in the metal.


Since bangles are made to be circular and solid, they’re usually made from sturdy materials. While most bangles tend to be made of gold and other metals, bangles can also be found made of glass or wood. Bracelets can be made from a more diverse array of materials, as they are more flexible. You can mix metals and materials in bracelets with much more ease than you can when creating a bangle.

Style In Numbers

It’s considered normal and fashionable to wear more than one bangle on your arm. Throughout history it was common for many bangles to be worn at a time. In some countries like India, bangles were prized for their “musical” quality: The sounds that bangles made when they clattered against each other was considered to be the height of luxury.

Bracelets are a bit different in this respect. In most cases bracelets are designed to be solo pieces- They’re not meant to be paired with other bracelets on the same wrist. Because bracelets are more manageable than bangles, it can be harder to match multiple bracelets together and achieve the right look.

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