Do you have what it takes to be a diamond master? Think you can answer questions about diamonds like the pros? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!


Question 1: True or False: Lab-made diamonds are the same as synthetic diamonds.

 Diamond Master Quiz

Question 2: Diamonds form approximately how many miles below the ground.

  1. 1,000

  2. 500

  3. 100

  4. 20


Question 3: The word diamond is a Greek word meaning…

  1. Indestructible

  2. Power

  3. Strength

  4. Hard


Question 4: The 4 C’s of diamonds are…

  1. Clarity, cut, compensation, color

  2. Cost, clarity, cut, corners

  3. Cut, color, clean, carat

  4. Clarity, cut, color, carat


Question 5: True or False: Diamond prices are based on weight.



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Answer 1: False. Lab-made diamonds undergo the same process as natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are completely artificial.

Answer 2: C

Answer 3: A

Answer 4: D

Answer 5: False. The price of a diamond depends on the 4 C’s including clarity, cut, color and carat.