Bring Your Wardrobe To Life With These Colorful Diamonds

Everyone looks better with a diamond. They are timeless, elegant treasures. But if you want to give your wardrobe an extra dash of color and sparkle, consider getting a colored diamond.

At Hamra Jewelers, we love diamonds in all their glory. We carry a wide range of diamonds, featuring a brilliant rainbow of different colors and appealing cuts. Here are three types of colorful diamonds that can bring some Technicolor life to your wardrobe.

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Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest varieties of colored diamonds and also one of the most breath-taking. They’re a very romantic choice for that special someone because pink is a color associated with love. They’ve only been found in a handful of regions, which adds to their mystique. Most pink diamonds come from mines in  Australia, but are also found in Russia, Brazil, India, Canada, Siberia, Tanzania and South Africa.

Diamonds that are pure pink are uncommon. Most pink diamonds often have another color in them that modifies their predominant color. Combinations like purplish pink, orangy pink, and brownish pink can be just as beautiful as a pure pink diamond, and have their own distinct character.

Black Diamonds

The yang to a regular diamond’s yin, the black diamond is a lovely dark treasure fit for any piece of jewelry. The dark opaque color of these diamonds is caused by dark inclusions in the diamond. Inclusions are typically microscopic concentrations of graphite, magnetite, hematite, or iron that form inside the diamond. These are the “birthmarks” of a diamond.

Black diamonds often have a large number of these inclusions, which can be treated to color the entire stone. Natural color black diamonds are rare and hard to polish and cut. This is why black diamonds are often treated from existing diamonds, irradiating them until they turn into their distinct black color (which is actually a very dark green color that looks black).

These dark stones work great as their own pieces, but also play well as contrasts to regular diamonds. Pair them together to create a rich mix of light and dark tones, or wear the black diamond by itself and take advantage of its mysterious, earthy qualities.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are one of the most popular types of colored diamonds. Yellow is a fun, uplifting, and cheerful color. It’s an optimistic shade, which is why it’s so appropriate as the stone of choice for an engagement ring. It can also be used as a replacement for yellow birthstones like Citrine, and yellow Sapphire, which are the birthstones associated with September and November.

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