Choosing The Perfect Bracelet

Jewelry is always a wonderful gift for the woman in your life. If you’re wondering what kind of piece to get her, think about bracelets. Rings make amazing gifts, but depending on your level of commitment it could send the wrong message. Bracelets make for a great “safe” gift: They’re beautiful, they mesh well with most fashion styles and you don’t have to give it to her on a bended knee.

Choosing the perfect bracelet can be tricky. At Hamra Jewelers, we know how difficult it can be for our customers to find just the right piece that’s worthy of being worn by their lady love. If you want to get the woman in your life the perfect bracelet, follow these tips.

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Know What She Likes

Pay attention to the kind of jewelry she already wears. Does she favor certain types of metals? Is she a die hard fan of platinum or does she like to wear a mix of rose-gold and silver pieces? Does she love diamonds or colored gemstones? Does she like to wear multiple pieces at once or does she like to spotlight one piece at a time? Are her style choices bold and flashy or understated and subtle?

You want to pick a bracelet that aligns with her tastes. If she hates pearls, getting her a bracelet accented with pearls would not be the perfect choice. If she likes small thin bracelets, getting her something chunky and heavy wouldn’t make much sense. While it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to fashion trends and consider what’s hot on the market right now, you ultimately want to pick something that is specifically right for your lady. Getting her a diamond bracelet because you think “that’s what women want” could be a mistake if she’s secretly yearning for an elegant piece that’s festooned with rubies. And if her tastes are a little eclectic or strange, honor those tastes by getting something she loves.

Consider Her Lifestyle

When buying jewelry for women you should take their lifestyle into consideration. Does she work in a professional environment? Does she frequently engage in high-impact sporting activities? Is she a regular at fancy parties and elegant events? You want to make sure that the bracelet you get her is something that won’t seem out of place and can fit seamlessly into her day to day life. Getting her a very formal and elegant bracelet could seem like a waste if she never goes to elegant events. If she’s very sporty, you’ll want to opt for bracelets that are more durable and can take some wear and tear gracefully. If she likes doing volunteer work and interacts with the less fortunate, consider getting her a bracelet that is tasteful yet understated: Something well-made and beautiful that doesn’t scream abundant wealth.

Be A Matchmaker

Don’t think of the bracelet by itself: Consider how it could complement and accentuate the other pieces your lady wears! Does she like wearing rings with colored gemstones? Think about adding matching stones to the bracelet. Does she wear a watch? Get a bracelet that matches it so she can layer them! And be conscious of her style: If she likes vintage clothing, don’t get her something that looks ultra-modern. Most women style themselves consciously, making everything they’re wearing look deliberate and carefully thought out. Give her a bracelet that fits into the image of herself that she wants to project out into the world.

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