5 Things You Shouldn't Do While Wearing Jewelry

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At Hamra Jewelers, we know what needs to be done to take great care of your jewelry. We know which situations and activities aren’t safe for jewelry. If you remove your pieces before doing any of these 5 things, you will extend the life of your jewelry.

What's The Difference Between Bracelets And Bangles?

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Have you ever wondered what's the difference between a bracelet and a bangle? We have the answers.

How Big is Too Big? How to Pick the Perfect Size Stone

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At Hamra Jewelers, we’d be happy to help you find the right stone. We know a few rules of thumb and principles you can use to pick the perfect size stone for your perfect ring.

Anatomy Of An Engagement Ring

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Shopping for an engagement ring is a big undertaking. Even when you know your significant other will say yes, there’s always a bit of nervousness that comes once you actually start ring shopping. At Hamra Jewelers, we know of two sure ways to calm the nerves: Take a deep breath, and learn all the right ring terminology. Knowing what you’re looking for and what to call it will make you feel much more at ease.

Our Best Tips to Care for Your Engagement Ring

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At Hamra Jewelers, we know how to keep jewelry in the best possible condition. Here’s our best tips for taking care of your engagement ring.

From intake to completion, Peter typically has a watch for anywhere from six to eight weeks, though he may only work on it for a few minutes each day during the timing process. The adjustments he makes are small, but it may be days before he can make another.

Have cell phones made watches obsolete?
Huge machines that use lasers to make microscopic incisions and can melt metal without hurting the person wielding it may sound like the stuff of science fiction. At Hamra Jewelers, it’s more like an average Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean the technology behind it doesn’t astound Jim, the resident jeweler at Hamra.

Luxury Timepieces: More Than Just The Brand

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If you’re thinking of taking that next step and becoming a luxury watch owner, here are a few reasons why it’s worth going for it.

How to Mix Metals Like a Pro

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Mixing metals used to be a fashion taboo, but it’s become more acceptable and popular over the years. No longer do you have to commit to just wearing yellow, white, or rose gold, titanium or silver jewelry and nothing else.

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