The anatomy of a luxury watch is as complex as the human body. For the average watch owner, taking one apart may be as daunting as performing surgery, but for Peter Evans, the resident watchmaker here at Hamra Jewelers, it’s just another day in the operating room.
Luxury timepieces are built to last for generations, but for that to happen, they need to be serviced regularly. But what’s ideal for one watch isn’t necessarily the best thing for another. How often should you get your watch serviced … really? Read on to find out.

From intake to completion, Peter typically has a watch for anywhere from six to eight weeks, though he may only work on it for a few minutes each day during the timing process. The adjustments he makes are small, but it may be days before he can make another.

Have cell phones made watches obsolete?
It’s no wonder then that every Rolex that comes into Hamra for repair goes through Peter’s hands. He handles anything even remotely related to Hamra’s watches, from cleaning to repair to band adjustment.

Protect Your Investment

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Peter The Watchmaker Says Protect your investment - make sure the crown on your watch is securely screwed down before going into water.

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