How To Care For Your Luxury Timepiece

Few gifts are as precious or as useful as a luxury timepiece. Built to last, these beautiful objects make great heirlooms. They catch the eye and they keep time: The perfect marriage of form and function. They can last for generations. So long as you take care of it.

At Hamra Jewelers we know how important it is for luxury watches to get the care and attention they deserve. Here’s a few of our tips on how you can take care of your timepiece.

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Careful Cleaning

Just like fine jewelry, you’ll have to clean your timepiece at home. And just like fine jewelry, you need to clean your watch with care. Luxury watches are built to last, but the wrong cleaning products can do permanent damage to them. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean your metal watch cases and bracelets. Try to avoid getting the leather straps wet. If they get too moist, it can permanently damage their appearance. Do NOT immerse your watch in hot water, even if your watch is water-resistant. Hot water can damage the watch’s gaskets.

If your watch has a rubber strap, it can be cleaned by immersing the strap (not the watch itself!) in soapy water. Any diamond or gemstone embellishments on your watch should be gently scrubbed with a soapy brush. The key word here is gently: You don’t want to end up scratching or scuffing your watch. You don’t need to clean your watch everyday with water, but you should wipe it down every night before going to bed to make sure your watch is free of any dust, dirt, or clinging perspiration.


Take care to keep your watch away from extreme temperatures. High levels of heat can shorten the life of your watch’s battery! Extremely cold temperatures can mess with your watch’s ability to tell time accurately. When you’re not wearing the watch, store it in a soft cloth in a temperate environment.

Keep It Dry

If your watch is not water resistant, you should remove it before swimming, working in water, taking a shower or getting wet. If it gets wet you need to dry it as soon as possible. Water can penetrate the watchcase and damage the movement of your watch. If you have a water resistant watch, you still need to dry it after getting it wet. Saltwater and chlorine can cling to the watch and damage it over time. It’s also important to realize that a watch’s water resistance isn’t permanent: It can be worn down overtime. The gasket or crystal in your watch can weaken and cause water to leak into your watch.

Get It Serviced

Think of your luxury timepiece like a fine automobile: Every once and awhile, it’s going to need to be taken into the shop for a tune-up. When purchasing a luxury watch, ask them how often it should be brought in to be serviced. Not all watch companies will suggest the same frequency of visits. Bringing it in to be serviced over and over again could be seen as an added cost, but consider this: Doing regular service will keep your luxury watch going strong and ticking away in great shape. Most luxury watches are built to last for a long, long time. With the right amount of tender loving care, they can even outlast their owners! But if you don’t get your watch serviced by a professional, it can break down over time: Just like the parts in your car, the parts that keep a watch going get wear and tear and need to be replaced.

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For more information on how to care for your luxury timepieces, give the experts at Hamra Jewelers a call at 480-946-5110.