“Think globally, act locally” isn’t just an ecological maxim: It’s a good rule of thumb for buying jewelry! When most people think of a jewelry store, they often think of chain stores. Just because local jewelers don’t immediately come to mind, doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as qualified.

At Hamra Jewelers, we take pride in our independence, on the expertise of our dedicated staff and on the high quality of our fine jewelry and timepieces. If you’re wondering why you should consider buying from an independent jeweler like Hamra instead of a chain store, here are three reasons why “act locally” is your best bet.

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Better Pricing

You can often get a better deal at an independent jeweler. Chain stores have higher profit margins. Most of the jewelry that you’ll find in big box stores has been mass-produced and made overseas. They’ll often have to deal with shipping costs, added expenses and overhead that an independent jeweler doesn’t always deal with. As a result, they can offer you goods that are of the same or superior quality as the kind offeredat chain stores but at a better price.

Superior Quality

Chain stores cater to general customers. While they can carry high quality goods, they’ll often have a narrower selection. They’re trying to aim at the largest possible market, which means that their pieces are meant to have a more general appeal. Exotic and unusual pieces will be much harder to find at chain stores.

Independent jewelers will, on average, have a more interesting range of goods available. Independent stores are able to specialize and offer more exotic fare. Since their clientele is usually going to be more discerning than a big box shopper, the independent jeweler is more likely to offer unique pieces and custom work that can’t be acquired anywhere else. Perhaps they specialize in colored stones or offer custom work. Maybe they have a wide range of rare pearls to choose from. Or they could offer uncommon but striking jewelry and ring styles that you may not be able to find at big box stores.

Elite Service

A final and important difference between independents and chain stores: Independents live and die on the loyalty of their customers. For an independent jeweler to thrive and be successful, they need to cultivate and maintain loyal clientele and they achieve this through having a high standard of quality in the goods they sell and in the services they provide.

There’s a good chance that the staff you’ll be dealing with at independent jewelers are doing this as a career. It isn’t just a day job to them: This is a craft that they’ve been trained in. They’ve undergone apprenticeships and often have years of hands-on experience. Some big chain stores may hold their staff to similar high standards and only employ experts in their field; Others may err on the side of finding the best possible sales staff who may not be as knowledgeable.

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