Diamonds are as diverse as the people who wear them. They come in every shape, size and color you can imagine. While white diamonds go with any outfit, you can now accessorize to match or compliment the colors in your outfit.


Colored diamonds, also known as fancy-colored diamonds, can be some of the most valuable. Remember the Hope Diamond from Titanic? Gems like the Hope Diamond can value at more than one million dollars per carat.

The price range will vary widely for fancy-colored diamonds because they can come from nature or be made in laboratories. For a perfectly colorless diamond, it must be formed with pure carbon. Other additives are what change the color. For instance, boron makes a blue diamond and nitrogen will form a yellow colored diamond. Red diamonds are the most rare and expensive because their color comes from “changes in electron structure as it comes to the surface.”**


Colored diamonds in general have gained in popularity in the past few years, but black diamonds have made the biggest jump in sales. The dark gem claimed its high fashion status in 1996 when jewelry designer Fawaz Gruos released a collection featuring black engagement rings and pendants. Black diamonds can give any piece of jewelry an edge, setting it apart from the typical colored gems.

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** Information courtesy of Diamond Price Guru