Tick-tick went the watches, thud-thud went our hearts as we witnessed the latest and greatest in timepieces and jewelry at this year’s Baselworld in March. Held in Basel, Switzerland, Baselworld is a yearly event that attracts watchmakers and jewelers from all across the world. It is where manufacturers, buyers, and consumers meet to appreciate and admire today’s finest and most luxurious watches and jewelry.

While open to the public, only jewelry stores like Hamra were allowed behind the scenes and beneath the glass cases. Individuals at Hamra got the chance to meet with the families that own and manufacture these ultra high-end accessories as well as preview upcoming designs. One of the new jewelry trends showcased at Baselworld was the use of rose gold by Italian designers. Previously, rose gold has been used as an accent in jewelry design, but now it is being used as a main feature. Hamra is already on top of this trend, offering several pieces in a rose gold option, including a beautiful diamond bracelet and a diamond ring. The bracelet is set in 18k rose gold and features 4.79 carats with a magnetic closure. The 18k rose gold ring by Patek Philippe features .48 carats in diamonds.

Besides Baselworld, the highlight of the trip was visiting the Patek Philippe Museum where Hamra team members got an up close look at the famous watchmaker’s collection, including watches dating back to the early 16th century as well as watches owned by Albert Einstein and Jack Daniels. Overall, it was an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience! Baselworld may be held in Switzerland, but your local luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale has a selection just as impressive. Visit us to see our stunning collection.