Our Best Tips to Care for Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is forever… so long as you treat it right. Diamonds are one of the toughest materials on Earth, but even they can get damaged if you aren’t careful. Your engagement ring is precious and gorgeous: It’ll take a little bit of upkeep and care to keep it that way.

At Hamra Jewelers, we know how to keep jewelry in the best possible condition. Here’s our best tips for taking care of your engagement ring.

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A safe way to spruce up your ring is to soak it in a bowl that contains four parts warm water and one part household ammonia. Soak it for no more than ten minutes at a time. Afterwards gently brush the ring with a very soft brush, give it one more dip in the solution, rinse it off and leave it to drain on some tissue paper.

You could also use a mild liquid detergent to make a bowl of warm, soapy water and leave your ring to soak in it for half an hour. And if you enjoy cocktails at home, you can put your vodka to extra use by soaking your ring in half an inch of it! The vodka will dissolve lingering residues and give it a brilliant sheen. Rinse it afterwards under a warm tap and rub it dry with a lint-free cloth or let it air dry.


Most people don’t think of the effect their household cleaners could have on their jewelry. The truth is that there are a lot of chemicals that we use on a daily basis that can damage your ring over time. You may be reluctant to take your ring off for anything, but if you want to preserve it the safest thing to do is remove it when interacting with any of these substances:

  • Chlorine

  • Bleach

  • Hair Dye

  • Hairspray

  • Furniture Polish

  • Glass Cleaners

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before putting your ring back on. You want to make sure that there aren’t any chemicals still clinging to your fingers.


It’s most likey one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry you’ll own. It’s a symbol of your love and a serious financial investment. Give yourself some piece of mind by insuring it. God forbid that it ever gets lost, stolen, or damaged… But if it does, you’ll at least have some coverage to soften that blow. Just make sure that you get it appraised every five years or so: The cost of diamonds and precious metals fluctuates over time. If you lose a ring that was appraised twenty years ago, the insured value would be far less than the actual replacement cost for your ring now.

Give It A Break

You should wear your ring as often as you’d like, but taking it off every now and then will help preserve it. Especially if you live a very active lifestyle. If you enjoy gardening or playing sports you’ll want to take the ring off to keep those vigorous activities from wearing and tearing at your ring. Make sure to remove your ring if you’re going to go swimming. Cold water can shrink your fingers, enough to point that the ring could fall off. If your ring slips off while you’re swimming in the ocean you won’t be seeing it again.

If you also cook a lot you should consider slipping it off while you’re in the kitchen. All those oils, grease, and food debris can stain your ring or even get trapped inside the mounting!

Safe Place

Have a safe place where you can store your ring at home whenever you need to take it off. Store the ring in a jewelry box or pouch. Store your engagement ring by itself- Diamonds can scratch other pieces of jewelry, so they won’t mix well with your other pieces.


You should give your precious jewelry regular check-ups, just as you would a car. Diamond settings can loosen over time, especially if they’re extensively worn.  Have your ring checked for any manufacturing defects, weakened prongs, and any other problems that could make your diamond less secure. They can also check to see if the stone is chipped or scratched. An added bonus of getting your ring checked is that most jewelers will also clean your ring after they check it.

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