Give A Graduation Gift That Will Last Forever

Graduation season is upon us! If you have someone close to you who’s either just got their diploma or is about to, show them how proud you are of their amazing accomplishment: Get them a handsome luxury watch or a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

At Hamra Jewelers we’ve got a wide range of stunning pieces that would make perfect graduation gifts. Give your graduates a gift that will last forever.

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Commemorate their graduation with a precious stone: THEIR birthstone. Get them a custom piece of jewelry with their birthstone as the centerpiece. You could even add the birthstone for their graduation month to add a bit of extra color and character to their unique jewelry piece.

Engraved Jewelry

Don’t just tell the graduates how happy you are for them: Write it down on their jewelry! Get them an engraved piece with a personalized message. Whether it’s inscribed on the back of a pendant or inside the band of a ring, a few words of praise and love scripted in metal can make their graduation even more special.

Luxury Timepieces

It’s long been tradition to give people who are retiring after years of distinguished service with a watch. It’s just as good a tradition for graduates! Since so many graduates are heading off into the professional world to establish themselves, help them look their very best by getting them a luxury watch. Not only are these pieces great for keeping track of time, they establish you as being a person of taste, sophistication and class. First impressions are crucial in business and in all aspects of life: With a Rolex, Patek Philippe, TUDOR or Breitling on their wrist, your graduate will make an unforgettable impression on everyone they meet.


Bracelets make a great gift to celebrate any special occasion. Sometimes it can be awkward to wear multiple rings or necklaces, but some bracelets are made so you can wear several on one arm. Get them a bracelet adorned with their favorite precious stones. If they wear a watch or other jewelry on their hands, pick a metal that will match their existing pieces.

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Need A Gift For A Graduate?

Show the graduate in your life how proud you are with one of our exquisite pieces at Hamra Jewelers! For more information about our breathtaking collection, give us a call at 480-946-5110.