Heart of the Ocean

Who can forget that moment of desperation the first time we watched as the older Rose from the movie Titanic let the Heart of the Ocean slip through her hands and into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean? No matter how wrapped up you may have been in the romance and emotion of the film, there was a small part of you that was screaming “No!” from deep inside.

What some didn’t realize as they watched the movie is that The Heart of the Ocean was actually a fictional diamond based loosely on the Hope Diamond worn by Louis XVI of France. Still, the image of a beautiful blue diamond was captivating and kept our imaginations running wild. We may have even imagined ourselves as Rose and what we would have done with a piece of jewelry like that.

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For a moment, let’s pretend that The Heart of the Ocean was a real diamond and that it actually still exists. What would a diamond like that be worth today?

First, let’s compare it to the Hope Diamond, which served as the inspiration for The Heart of the Ocean. The Hope Diamond is over 45 carats and is nearly 10 grams in size. It has been worn by royalty and even purchased a few times before it made its way to its current resting point in the Smithsonian Institution’s Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.  Experts value the Hope Diamond at approximately $350 million.

In the movie Titanic, a reference was made to the Hope Diamond comparing it to The Heart of the Ocean. The claim was that the Hope Diamond was smaller, meaning that if The Heart of the Ocean was in fact a real diamond, it could be worth closer to $400 million.

At the time of the film’s release, the story and appearance of The Heart of the Ocean inspired two different reproductions of the necklace. The first was made from a 171 carat sapphire that was shaped like a heart and surrounded by 103 diamonds. After it was made, Celine Dion was allowed to wear it to the 1998 Academy Awards ceremony where she performed a song from the movie. The necklace was eventually sold at an auction for $2.2 million to an unknown collector.

The second reproduction was created by famous jeweler Harry Winston. He used a 15 carat real blue diamond in his piece. His necklace was valued at over $20 million.

Fictitious or not, The Heart of the Ocean will always have a place in history because of the popularity of the movie Titanic and because of the two now famous reproductions of it.

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