There are those moments when you finally find that one piece of jewelry that speaks to you, only to realize that the price is more than you can handle all at once. This might be true for a young couple about to get married who have their sights set on a particular wedding ring, or for the watch collector who has been searching for the next addition to their growing collection.

Fine jewelry has a wide range of pricing based on design, quality and brand, there are often moments where the buyer needs the option to make payments instead of paying all at once.

Most jewelers, including Hamra, offer credit or financing options for those who find themselves in this situation. In most cases, the financing is done through one of several financial institutions that offer these particular programs. Set up much like a credit card, a line of credit is established that allows the purchaser to make monthly payments that include interest.

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Convenience of Payment Options

If we take the example of the young couple who are looking for a wedding ring. It may be that they are looking together or that one is looking on their own to purchase for the other. Young people who are just starting out in life face a tough dilemma when buying a wedding ring. They often cannot afford to buy the ring they really want all at once, but they are also hesitant to pay less for something that is low-quality and not up to their expectations.

Payment options are the perfect solution in this situation. By financing the ring, the young man or woman can pay a low monthly installment on the ring and eventually pay it off. This allows them to move forward with the wedding process, without having to sink all of their money into a ring.


What to Be Careful Of

At the same time, while monthly payments may seem intriguing, it is very important that the person financing the jewelry is realistic when it comes to what they can afford. Some payments may seem small enough to begin with, but soon become too much to handle. Before committing to a payment option, be sure to carefully look at your income to debt ratio to be sure you can handle an additional monthly expense.

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The Hamra Difference

At Hamra Fine Jewelry & Timepieces, we have helped hundreds of people purchase the jewelry they really wanted by helping them set up payment options. We take the time to review the process with our customers carefully so they are fully aware of the situation. Our goal is to help you find the right piece at the right price so you can truly enjoy it.

For questions about payment options, please feel free to call Hamra Jewelry at 480-946-5110.