It’s difficult to look at any Patek Phillipe timepiece and not see the brilliant simplicity in the design and function. Considered by many to be the world’s best manufacturer of high-end watches, Patek Phillipe continues to offer some of the most gorgeous and complicated watches ever seen.

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To trace the source of this watchmaking genius, one must journey back in time over 175 years to a small shop in Geneva Switzerland in 1839, where you would find two polish immigrants hard at work mastering their craft. Antoine Norbert de Patek and Francois Czapek teamed up to produce about 200 very high quality watches each year through their company Patek, Czapek & Co.

Within just a few short years, Czapek left the company, leaving an opening for French watchmaker Adrien Phillipe, who had already caught the eye of Patek a year earlier with his new crown winding and setting system. As of 1851, Patek Phillipe was born and would forever change the world of watchmaking. With each new invention and development, the reputation of Patek Phillipe grew in notoriety and fame, attracting the attention of royalty such as Queen Victoria of England.

Everything changed in the year 1868. That’s when Patek Phillipe introduced a newly designed watch that no longer required a chain or a pocket, but could instead be worn on the wrist. This is the horological milestone that would put Patek Phillipe in the history books 30 years before the existence of Rolex.

More incredible designs and developments would follow, including the perpetual calendar and the split seconds chronograph. Some of the ideas that Patek Phillipe produced in those days were so complex and required so much attention to detail that they wouldn’t be built for another 30 years.

Even after the eventual deaths of the founding partners in 1877 and 1894, the commitment to excellence and cutting edge continued at Patek Phillipe. In 1932, Jean and Charles Stern purchased the company with a determination to keep Patek Phillipe true to its heritage. This was demonstrated when a watch was designed and built for American banker Henry Graves that consisted of 24 complications and took 3 years of research and 5 years of construction to complete. It would go down as the most complicated watch for the next 56 years.

To this day, Patek Phillipe continues to drive the watch making industry forward with its focus on research and new technology. As recently as 2006, developments involving silicon in the balance wheel and hairspring design have set a new trend in watchmaking.

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