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Patek Philippe


Jewelry Repair


Hamra Jewelers is committed to building trusting and lasting relationships with our customers. This includes being there beyond the sale. Whether you need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sized, or a diamond set, you can always count on us to assist you with your service needs.

If you haven’t had your jewelry appraised, we highly recommend you come to Hamra Jewelers to have it documented in detail. Having your pieces professionally appraised will allow you to have a separate insurance covering the full value of your fine jewelry. Hamra Jewelers appraisals can also be used for situations such as; estate tax evaluation, value comparison, casualty loss, dissolution of marriage (divorce), collateral and barter purposes.

We also recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance. It is the only insurance company that specializes in protecting jewelers and the personal jewelry of the United States. Founded in 1913, Jewelers Mutual licensed in all 50 states, insures personal jewelry of more than 100,000 people.

Call Hamra Jewelers today to make an appointment.

Hamra Jewelers standard services include:

  • Complimentary cleaning
  • Ring sizing
  • Expert diamond setting

Hamra Jewelers repair services include:

  • Expert evaluation and repair
  • Full spectrum metal working
  • Polishing of worn and damaged gems
  • Antique refurbishing
  • Silver Refinishing
  • Broken serving pieces in sterling or silverplate, or even resilver antiques.
  • We work in any metal; platinum, gold, silver, or a combination.

Give Hamra Jewelers a call … we’ll be pleased to help facilitate your request.