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Patek Philippe


Jewelry & Watch Buying


Maybe you have broken or old jewelry you never wear and perhaps you have a watch that you don't use anymore.  We purchase diamond and gemstone jewelry and pre-owned luxury watches.

Each piece of jewelry you wish to sell will be carefully examined by our master appraisers ensuring you receive the current market pricing.  Once the evaluation is done, you can decide to sell or trade it in for a new piece of jewelry.  We are in the market for larger stones, 1 carat and up in diamonds and colored gemstones.

Whether it is a watch that you don't wear, a gift watch that is not your style or if you are searching for your dream watch, our certified pre-owned watch buyers are always looking for luxury timepieces.  You can trade in your current watch and upgrade to the watch of your dreams.

We offer competitive pricing and will give you top dollar on the jewelry and watches you would like to sell.

Perhaps you will like to hand the jewelry over to one of our skilled artisans and have them create something new and exciting using your own stones.  Please visit our Custom Jewelry Design section for additional information.