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How Diamonds are Graded

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Spend just a few minutes in any jewelry store and it becomes very apparent that there is something more than just size that affects the price of a diamond. Diamonds go through a process before they receive their final grade. The criteria used in grading a diamond include the following:

·      Cut

·      Clarity

·      Color

·      Carat weight


These 4 important factors are often referred to as the 4 C’s in diamond grading.


When someone talks about the cut of a diamond, they might be referring to one of two different things. The cut of the diamond describes the actual shape of the diamond, such as a “princess cut.” However, when it comes to the grade of the diamond, the cut is describing the reflective qualities of the diamond.

The cut of the diamond plays a crucial role in how well a diamond is graded. The angle at which the diamond is cut determines how it reflects light. A good cut gives the diamond its brilliance and brightness.



Not every diamond is perfect. In fact, most have flaws either on the surface or within the diamond. The clarity grade of a diamond takes into account how many flaws are in the diamond and how those flaws affect the overall appearance of the diamond.

When determining the clarity of a diamond, each one is examined carefully using magnification. Clarity grades between “F” and “I1,2,3” are given based on how visible flaws are. A diamond with a clarity grade of “F” means it is flawless and is worth much more money.



When it comes to diamonds, the less color found in them the better. Diamonds with little to no color in them allow more light to pass through them, which adds to their sparkle. It is very rare to find a diamond with no color whatsoever.

There are some people who prefer some color in their diamonds. A hint of yellow, for example, can give the diamond and entirely different look making it more desirable to some.

Carat Weight

Another important factor to consider when grading a diamond is its weight. Because the formation of a diamond is so rare and requires such specific circumstances, its value goes up with its weight. A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

When you are looking to purchase a diamond, it helps to know what the different grades mean to help determine the best price. For more information, give Hamra Fine Jewelry a call at 480-946-5110.

Payment Options for Bigger Items

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

There are those moments when you finally find that one piece of jewelry that speaks to you, only to realize that the price is more than you can handle all at once. This might be true for a young couple about to get married who have their sights set on a particular wedding ring, or for the watch collector who has been searching for the next addition to their growing collection.

Fine jewelry has a wide range of pricing based on design, quality and brand, there are often moments where the buyer needs the option to make payments instead of paying all at once.

Most jewelers, including Hamra, offer credit or financing options for those who find themselves in this situation. In most cases, the financing is done through one of several financial institutions that offer these particular programs. Set up much like a credit card, a line of credit is established that allows the purchaser to make monthly payments that include interest.

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Convenience of Payment Options

If we take the example of the young couple who are looking for a wedding ring. It may be that they are looking together or that one is looking on their own to purchase for the other. Young people who are just starting out in life face a tough dilemma when buying a wedding ring. They often cannot afford to buy the ring they really want all at once, but they are also hesitant to pay less for something that is low-quality and not up to their expectations.

Payment options are the perfect solution in this situation. By financing the ring, the young man or woman can pay a low monthly installment on the ring and eventually pay it off. This allows them to move forward with the wedding process, without having to sink all of their money into a ring.


What to Be Careful Of

At the same time, while monthly payments may seem intriguing, it is very important that the person financing the jewelry is realistic when it comes to what they can afford. Some payments may seem small enough to begin with, but soon become too much to handle. Before committing to a payment option, be sure to carefully look at your income to debt ratio to be sure you can handle an additional monthly expense.

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The Hamra Difference

At Hamra Fine Jewelry & Timepieces, we have helped hundreds of people purchase the jewelry they really wanted by helping them set up payment options. We take the time to review the process with our customers carefully so they are fully aware of the situation. Our goal is to help you find the right piece at the right price so you can truly enjoy it.

For questions about payment options, please feel free to call Hamra Jewelry at 480-946-5110.

Picking Out the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

There are no words to describe the feeling you have when you know you have found “the one.” When you have made the decision and you know that you want to ask your girlfriend to become your wife, your heart is full of love… and a little bit of nervousness, too. The next step is picking out the perfect engagement ring, and we have some advice on how to make that process a little bit easier on you.

First, visit a jewelry store that has a wide selection of designer engagement rings and also has the ability to accommodate unique custom designs. Visit with the staff there and let them show you different options within your price range. Take note of different styles that you like and that remind you of your girlfriend, but keep an open mind. What you like might not always be what she likes.

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If you want to keep the ring a surprise, you might consider talking to her family members or very close friends to find out if they know what she likes in a ring. She might have friends or family members that can nonchalantly get some ideas from her about diamond shapes and ring styles.

If you are not as focused on the surprise element as much as making sure that you get exactly what your girlfriend wants, you might want to bring up the topic of engagement rings in conversation and ask her what she likes and does not like. Other couples enjoy going shopping at jewelry stores together so that they can compare options and so that the guy can see firsthand what his girl loves.

Knowing your budget and finding out what general style your girlfriend is looking for will go a long way. The details of picking out a diamond and deciding between a custom setting versus a designer ring will come as you shop.

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Each member of our team at Hamra Jewelers is trained and qualified to assist you in finding the perfect ring for your girlfriend or loved one. We love spending time with our customers and helping them explore their options and learn about the variety of rings and diamonds we have available to suite their needs. We have found that most of the time, when you find the right ring, you will get that same feeling you had when you knew you found the right girl.

Do I Need to Buy a Wedding Band With Her Engagement Ring?

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

So you have finally settled on an engagement ring. You have found something that is as unique as the story that brought you and your fiancée together. Now the question becomes whether to add a wedding band along with the engagement ring and if so, do you need to buy the wedding band now.

First of all, there is no right or wrong answer here. A decision like this will usually boil down to a decision between you and your fiancée. However, if you are having trouble making that decision, here are a few things to consider:

Will it be a long engagement?

If you know you will be engaged for quite a while before the actual wedding occurs, a wedding band would be a very nice touch to make the wedding that much more special. It will add to the significance of the wedding and ensure you she has something to slip on at the ring ceremony.

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Did you buy your engagement ring as a set?

Whether you go ring shopping alone or with your soon to be fiancée, you may stumble upon an absolutely perfect ring that is part of a set. In this case, it would be appropriate to buy the set together. If you are not able to pay for both pieces at the same time, talk to the jeweler about buying the engagement ring first and then the wedding band later.

Will a band enhance the ring?

Not all engagement rings are designed with a wedding band. You may find that the engagement ring alone does not seem or feel complete. If you are able to find a wedding band that adds to the engagement ring to enhance it and make it even more beautiful and personal, then go for it!

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Will both rings be worn all of the time?

Some women will only wear their engagement ring on special occasions, but wear their wedding band as their “everyday” ring. By having both a wedding band and engagement ring, you are providing some variety and for your bride to be.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. Many people choose to do things that are completely different from what tradition may dictate. The most important thing to consider is what the ring will mean to the person you are giving it to.

To learn more about wedding ring options, we invite you to visit Hamra Jewelers. Come see our endless selection of wedding rings and bands. If you have a specific question, give us a call at 480-946-5110.

Trendy Engagement Rings

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

One thing we know for sure about engagement rings – trends will definitely come and go as quickly as you can say “I do.” At least once every 2-3 years, a new style of engagement ring will emerge and rise to the top of the most wanted list, giving pause to every bride to be as she considers whether this new style has become “the ring.”

For the groom, who shoulders the enormous task of choosing and buying the ring, these trends can often lead to confusion and self-doubt. As they go about seeking just the right ring for their girl, they can become overwhelmed with trying to stay up to speed on trends and fashions.

To help both the bride and groom sift through the many choices of rings and hone in on what is most trendy, we provide the list below of trendy engagement rings of 2014.


East – West Settings

Taking an oval or marquise cut diamond and setting it horizontally, parallel with the band, has become a huge trend in the last year or two. Setting it horizontally adds a completely different look and can even make the stone appear bigger than it really is.


Antique Look

Some things just never get old. That is certainly true when it comes to the highly detailed design of an antique engagement ring. The advantage to an antique ring is that it increases the chance of the ring being one in a million. They are almost always more intricate and definitely draw attention to themselves.


Pear Diamonds

This is a cut and style that continued to make its comeback in 2014. Pear shaped diamonds have always been and continue to be for the princesses in the world. They are designed to be dainty with a royal feel.


Floral Accents

We continue to see more and more styles of engagement rings that surround the center stone with flowers, petals, and vines giving them a unique and fresh look.


Peach Hue

From pink to yellow to blue, hued gems and diamonds have made a huge splash in the engagement ring world over the last few years. In 2014, we saw the rise in popularity of the peach hue gems. They are very feminine and in hot demand.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right engagement ring. While certain people are looking for the hottest trends, others are more concerned with finding something unique. At Hamra Fine Jewelry, we carry a wide selection of engagement rings and can help you choose one that is elegant and fits within your budget. If you have questions about the latest styles and fashions, give us a call at 480-946-5110.

Top 10 Proposal Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Alexandra Salazar

Top Ten Proposal Ideas

When you have found the right person and the perfect ring, you will want to come up with a proposal idea that both fits your future fiancé’s personality, but also makes a long lasting impression and fills them with joy and love. We have a list of the top 10 proposal ideas for you to consider as you prepare to ask that all-important question.

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A Personal Touch

If you are looking for a more personalized and intimate way to pop the question, consider playing your loved one’s favorite song or taking them to their favorite romantic restaurant. Find their favorite book and underline the best line or bookmark a page that reminds you of them. All of these unique, personalized touches are sure to speak love to their heart.

A Public Affair

Some couples love a more extravagant and attention-grabbing proposal. From planning a surprise party with family and friend in attendance or having words lit up on the screen at halftime of the big football game, involving a crowd can be just the energy and excitement you are looking for to celebrate such a fantastic day.

Keep it Sweet

Red roses and chocolate covered strawberries are the way to a girl’s hearts. Traditional sentiments mixed with the sweetness of romantic gifts or delectable treats are sure to capture the heart of your future spouse. Sometimes the excitement is not in the frills and luxury, but in the sweet simplicity of you sharing your heart with the one you love.

Destination: Love

Beaches have been a popular proposal destination for years, and rightly so. With the waves rolling in and sand under your feet, the romance is almost magical. Still, the variety of proposal destinations is ever growing with lovers getting engaged in places like New York, France, and India. Whether you seek a city, a landmark, or just a mood, taking your special someone far away to ask them to be yours is a trip they will never forget.

Finding the Right Time

Making the proposal more about the “finding” rather than just the end result is becoming increasingly popular. Scavenger hunts, as simple as around the house or as complex as around the state, can be set up in advance to lead your love on a hunt to find the ultimate surprise. Other people have led their significant other up into the sky to skydive, scuba diving for undersea adventures or rock climbing to new heights before finding the right moment to ask for their hand in marriage.

Photos and Videos

Another trend that we see more and more is arranging a photographer or videographer to capture the proposal as it happens. This takes careful planning and preparation, but to have the words and reaction on film would be absolutely priceless.

The Perfect Date

Out of all the days of the year, why not choose a holiday or birthday to pop the question and add one more reason to celebrate? Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day, of course, are all wonderful days to celebrate your sweetheart saying, “Yes.” Birthdays also make a great time to celebrate that person and remind him or her just how thankful you are that they were born.

Art, Literature, Music

Tap into your artistic side and show your loved one through more creative means just how much you adore them. Writing a song or poem or creating a piece of artwork as part of your proposal not only expresses your love creatively, but provides something to keep forever that was made just for that special someone.

Get Technical

There are countless apps, websites, social media tricks and other tools for the technically savvy that can really take your proposal to the next level. If the love of your life is into the latest gadgets and techy developments, capitalize on their interests and find a unique modern way to pop the question.

Four Legged Friends

Whether it is your loved one’s long time pet or a new puppy or kitten you decide to give them as part of this new venture together, including a pet as part of your proposal is a heart-melting and loving way to show your softer side to the one you love.

The Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant

Posted on in Blog by Alexandra Salazar


Before you take your new watch anywhere near water, it is extremely important to know if it is water resistant or waterproof. There is definitely a difference. Both water resistant and waterproof refer to how the watch was built to sustain exposure to water.

The term “water resistant” is much more widely used these days when it comes to watches. It typically means that it can withstand some moisture or water, such as rain or a splash from a kitchen sink while doing dishes. Water resistant watches, however, are not built to keep water out when they are completely submerged.

There are different levels of water resistance for watches. These levels are determined through a series of tests at the time they are built. Resistance levels can be deceiving though, as they don’t take into account the other contributing factors of a watch being in water.  These factors include:

·      Pressure change as a watch is repeatedly submerged under water, such as swimming.

·      High temperatures of water like in a bath or hot tub.

·      Sudden changes in temperature. Going from one extreme to the other in a short amount of time.

·      Age of the watch. Seals may weaken and eventually fail with age.

For the most part, water resistant watches should be kept away from water as much as possible. Some people are under the impression that it is okay to shower with a water resistant watch. However, soaps and shampoos can build up in watches over time causing problems. Abrasive soaps can cause damage to the delicate parts of the watch.

For many years, water resistant watches were referred to as “waterproof.” This changed in the 1960’s when the Federal Trade Commission began to investigate watch manufacturers for misrepresentation. Now, watches must be proven to be 100% waterproof before they can be marketed and sold as such.

Waterproof watches are built to withstand water at a much higher level than a water resistant watch. A waterproof watch can be completely submerged in water and some can even withstand a very high level of pressure as well. These types of watches are popular with scuba divers and other water sports enthusiasts.

For those who are unsure about the level of water resistance in which their watch is equipped, it is best to consult an expert. Either ask the manufacturer directly or speak to someone with authority on watches such as Hamra Jewelers. An expert will be able to tell with accuracy what your watch can withstand.

There is nothing worse than seeing a high quality and expensive watch ruined by water. Unless you are confident about the water resistance of your watch, be very careful exposing it to any water at all.

Top Cases for Storing Automatic Watches

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Automatic Watches

The beauty of having an automatic, self-winding watch is that it does what its name implies – winding the mainspring on its own without having to worry about it. While you’re wearing the watch, the motion of your arm does the trick in keeping the rotor spinning. What happens when you take the watch off for a few days can present a problem. Extended periods of time with lack of movement will cause the watch to wind down and eventually stop.

You can always wind the watch manually, but this may become more of a chore, especially as your watch collection grows. When that happens, you’ll want to have a high-quality watch winding case. These cases not only protect your watch when it is not being worn, but ensures that it stays wound and ready for use.

What to Look For?

There are some key variables that play a role when choosing the right winder. Let’s start with price. You will find that cases can run from as low as $40 to several thousands of dollars. The more expensive cases are typically constructed with more elaborate and high-quality materials. Inexpensive winders can still do the trick, but be sure to do your research. Some cheaper options don’t seem to work as well.

You will also want to consider functionality. There are cases that simply do the most basic task of winding your watch. Others are built in a more elegant way for show. There are also extravagant cases that monitor temperatures, come with built in drawers and act as a mini-safe for your watches.

Top Cases

Brookstone Quad

This is a good choice for someone who is looking to house up to 4 watches at once. It is a very simple design, but reliable and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Wolf Designs Roadster

Bound in black leather and featuring an exotic ebony Macassar wood veneer faceplate with chrome hardware, this winder is for those who are looking for something adequate for their expensive watch.

Swiss Kubik

For the minimalist. Its simple design is only skin deep. This winder is fully programmable through the makers website. It allows you to set the winder to work to the specifications of your timepiece.

For more questions about automatic watch cases and winders, please feel free to give us a call. Our great passion for elegant and sophisticated watches keeps us in the know regarding quality and technology.

Our Favorite Proposal Videos

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Our Favorite Proposal Videos

If you’re thinking about proposing to that special person in your life, it can be nerve wrecking and difficult to think of something special to incorporate into the proposal. Of course you want it to be unique and unforgettable, but you can use these videos as inspiration for your proposal.

  1. Get family and friends involved

This video shows how special it can be when you involve your closest friends and family in your proposal. It’s wonderful to share that moment with the people you love. Take a tip from this video and record your friends and family asking your special someone to “Say yes!”

  1. Create a scavenger hunt

Leading your loved one through a hunt to get to the proposal is one way to make sure they’re surprised when they get there. You can take them on a romantic trip to all of your favorite places or take them on an emotional journey like this video as he took her through all of the reasons she’s the one for him.

  1. Go big or go home

This is a great way to make sure your proposal makes an impact. It’s important to make sure the person you’re proposing to is into being the center of attention or else this could be a terrifying experience! For Spencer, his boyfriend’s flash mob proposal was the perfect way to express his love in a big, big way.

  1. Make it personal

Use your significant other’s favorite song, favorite place or favorite people to make the proposal extra special. It’ll mean that much more to them if it’s something that’s sentimental and heart felt. Check out this video where Jeremy asks Kelli’s favorite artist to perform their song.

  1. Involve your special someone

Nothing makes a proposal more of a surprise than actually involving the person you’re proposing to. The look on their face when they realize what’s happening says it all. When Josiah asked his girlfriend Alyssa to help him make a music video of one of her favorite songs, she had no idea what was coming!

No matter how you propose, just make sure it’s special and speaks to your relationship. If you think it’s better to have a small, intimate proposal, go for it! If your significant other loves the spotlight, go big! But above all, make sure it’s a representation of your love.

If you need help finding the perfect ring for your proposal, you can visit our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale. Our associates will work with you to help find the ring that fits your love story, that he or she can wear for forever.

3 Easy Ways to Remove Tarnish from Your Jewelry

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Remove Tarnish from jewelry

If you own silver jewelry, you know how quickly it can become tarnished. Many people invest in jewelry polish, but what you may not know is that it can damage your jewelry. If you have silver plated pieces, depending on the thickness of the silver, you can actually rub off some of the metal.

Here are some easy do-it-yourself ways to remove tarnish from your jewelry without harming any of your beloved pieces.

  • If your tarnish is relatively new, you can use something as simple as a polishing cloth. Oxidation can damage deeper than just the top layer of your silver jewelry so this will only work if the tarnish is just on the surface.

  • For deeper tarnishing, you can let your jewelry sit in warm water mixed with salt and baking soda. These agents are gentle on jewelry, but tough on tarnish. Put the ingredients in an aluminum dish for even stronger cleaning power!

  • You can also take a mixture of warm water and baking soda and scrub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush. Don’t use too much elbow grease to ensure you don’t damage your silver.

Most jewelry stores will provide semi-annual or annual cleanings for your jewelry. Here at Hamra, we will evaluate your jewelry by checking the prongs, any clasps and will remove tarnish from your jewelry.

If you have any questions about how to care for your jewelry, visit our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale. We can make sure you’re taking all the proper steps to make your jewelry last for as long as possible.

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