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Patek Philippe


Our Favorite Proposal Videos

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Our Favorite Proposal Videos

If you’re thinking about proposing to that special person in your life, it can be nerve wrecking and difficult to think of something special to incorporate into the proposal. Of course you want it to be unique and unforgettable, but you can use these videos as inspiration for your proposal.

  1. Get family and friends involved

This video shows how special it can be when you involve your closest friends and family in your proposal. It’s wonderful to share that moment with the people you love. Take a tip from this video and record your friends and family asking your special someone to “Say yes!”

  1. Create a scavenger hunt

Leading your loved one through a hunt to get to the proposal is one way to make sure they’re surprised when they get there. You can take them on a romantic trip to all of your favorite places or take them on an emotional journey like this video as he took her through all of the reasons she’s the one for him.

  1. Go big or go home

This is a great way to make sure your proposal makes an impact. It’s important to make sure the person you’re proposing to is into being the center of attention or else this could be a terrifying experience! For Spencer, his boyfriend’s flash mob proposal was the perfect way to express his love in a big, big way.

  1. Make it personal

Use your significant other’s favorite song, favorite place or favorite people to make the proposal extra special. It’ll mean that much more to them if it’s something that’s sentimental and heart felt. Check out this video where Jeremy asks Kelli’s favorite artist to perform their song.

  1. Involve your special someone

Nothing makes a proposal more of a surprise than actually involving the person you’re proposing to. The look on their face when they realize what’s happening says it all. When Josiah asked his girlfriend Alyssa to help him make a music video of one of her favorite songs, she had no idea what was coming!

No matter how you propose, just make sure it’s special and speaks to your relationship. If you think it’s better to have a small, intimate proposal, go for it! If your significant other loves the spotlight, go big! But above all, make sure it’s a representation of your love.

If you need help finding the perfect ring for your proposal, you can visit our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale. Our associates will work with you to help find the ring that fits your love story, that he or she can wear for forever.

3 Easy Ways to Remove Tarnish from Your Jewelry

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Remove Tarnish from jewelry

If you own silver jewelry, you know how quickly it can become tarnished. Many people invest in jewelry polish, but what you may not know is that it can damage your jewelry. If you have silver plated pieces, depending on the thickness of the silver, you can actually rub off some of the metal.

Here are some easy do-it-yourself ways to remove tarnish from your jewelry without harming any of your beloved pieces.

  • If your tarnish is relatively new, you can use something as simple as a polishing cloth. Oxidation can damage deeper than just the top layer of your silver jewelry so this will only work if the tarnish is just on the surface.

  • For deeper tarnishing, you can let your jewelry sit in warm water mixed with salt and baking soda. These agents are gentle on jewelry, but tough on tarnish. Put the ingredients in an aluminum dish for even stronger cleaning power!

  • You can also take a mixture of warm water and baking soda and scrub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush. Don’t use too much elbow grease to ensure you don’t damage your silver.

Most jewelry stores will provide semi-annual or annual cleanings for your jewelry. Here at Hamra, we will evaluate your jewelry by checking the prongs, any clasps and will remove tarnish from your jewelry.

If you have any questions about how to care for your jewelry, visit our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale. We can make sure you’re taking all the proper steps to make your jewelry last for as long as possible.

Get Your Own Celebrity Inspired Engagement Ring

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

celebrity inspired Engagement Rings

This has definitely been a year of unusual and unique rings for celebrity women. With a ton of new engagements, we got to see the style of rings that are big this year. Here are our 4 favorite sparklers and their Hamra counterpart. Read on to find the perfect engagement ring for you, inspired by the Hollywood elite.

Amal Alamuddin - George Clooney’s wife showed off her 7-carat, emerald cut sparkler in April 2014. This large and in charge ring captivated the Internet world as news spread that Clooney was officially off the market.

Check out our 18 carat white gold version of Amal’s emerald-cut ring!

Kim Kardashian - Kim is no stranger to huge rocks. Her first ring courtesy of husband Kris Humphries weighed in at 16-carats. Her most recent ring from hubby Kanye West might only be 15-carats, but the cushion-cut stunner is one of the most flawless diamonds we’ve ever seen.

Get your very own cushion-cut sparkler for yourself!

Mila Kunis - When Ashton Kutcher proposed to Mila Kunis, he blessed her with a stunning solitaire ring. It stands out among other celebrity engagement rings as it is understated and elegant with the single diamond.

Take a look at one of our show-stopping solitaire engagement rings.

Leighton Meester - When Leighton secretly married her beau Adam Brody, she became the proud owner of a rose gold engagement and wedding band duo. The rose gold isn’t seen often in engagement rings, but adds a unique touch with a flair of femininity.

Our dazzling rose gold band not only stands out because of its color, but also because of the band design.  

If you’d like to come view one of these beautiful rings and browse our wide selection of unique engagement rings, stop by our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale and one of our associates will help you find the perfect ring for you or your loved one.

3 Pieces of Jewelry That Will Shine at Your Holiday Parties

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Holiday Statement Pieces

The Holidays will be here before we know it and that means Holidays parties! Whether you’re getting together with friends and family or colleagues, you want to shine and the perfect piece of jewelry can help you do just that. You can go with a piece that makes a statement or go small and classic. Both will make a big impact!

We’ve picked out 3 great pieces for men and women that will go with any outfit and get you ready to party!

For Women:

Screenshot 2014-11-23 14.59.01.png

This pendant necklace is sure to turn some heads. With its unique design, this piece is a conversation starter and the cut of the diamond will sparkle from a mile away.

Screenshot 2014-11-23 15.01.18.png

These hoop earrings simply can’t be ignored. Plus, they’ll go with any outfit! The dazzling diamonds show a touch of class while also having a lighthearted, flirty style.

There’s also the perfect necklace to match these stunning earrings so you can pull off the perfect look!


This beautiful Rhodolite Garnet & Diamond ring will go great with your little black dress or a gorgeous velvet ensemble. No matter what you choose to wear to your soiree, this is the ring that is sure to get the attention of all in attendance.

For men:

Screenshot 2014-11-23 15.07.02.png

These extremely unique cufflinks will make you the envy of the party. These stand-out pieces can take your suit to the next level, adding a touch of flair and sophistication that is unmatched by other cufflinks.

Screenshot 2014-11-23 15.12.24.png

Patek Philippe makes stunning watches and this is no exception. Watches are the perfect accessory for a suit or business casual attire. Sporting this watch is a great way to show a high level of taste and affinity for the finer things in life.

If you’d like to browse our selection of fine jewelry, visit our Scottsdale luxury jewelry store to find the perfect accessory for your holiday party. We can also help you pick out the perfect jewelry piece for the special someone in your life.

Your Complete Guide to Pearls

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Guide To Pearls

Much like diamonds, pearls have different grades that will determine the price and quality of the pearl. But the categories are different than the 4 C’s of diamonds. Pearls are graded on their shape, lustre, surface, nacre and matching. Most jewelers will rate pearls on the A system with A being the lowest grade and AAA being the best.

Each of the categories that your pearl is rated on will depend on whether or not it is on a strand. You can discuss with your jeweler how they’ve rated the pearls because strands of  pearls are rated against each other.

Here are the 5 categories your pearl will be graded on:

  • Shape - Natural pearls develop into different shapes including round, tear drop, oval and near round. Round pearls will demand the highest prices as they are rarer. The AAA grade is reserved for the roundest pearls. Keep in mind that non-round pearls are also very valuable and sought-after because of their unusual characteristics.

  • Lustre - This refers to the shine of the pearl. Based on its brilliance, the lustre is graded by the light reflection. Chalky pearls will receive the lower grade of A while the shiniest of pearls will receive the AAA grade.

  • Surface - The quality of the surface of the pearl is a big factor in the pricing. Much like diamonds, you want the pearl to be as clean as possible. Imperfections are almost unavoidable when it comes to cultured pearls and are accepted. But pits and holes or a thin nacre will dramatically lower the price of the pearl. AAA pearls will be clean and clear to the naked eye.

  • Nacre - When inside of an oyster, pearls are coated for protection. This is called nacre. The thicker the nacre, the longer the pearl has been inside of an oyster. The thickness of a pearl’s nacre will be undetectable to the naked eye, but jewelers can make a distinction between an A pearl with 0.25mm of nacre and a AAA pearl with 0.5mm of nacre.

  • Matching - This category applies mainly to pearls in necklaces, earrings or bracelets. It’s very important to have the pearls on a strand match as much as possible. The pearls won’t be identical. In nature that’s almost impossible and it also gives it an artificial look. It’s most important that the pearls match in color, lustre and surface quality.

If you’d like to view our wide selection of pearl jewelry, come visit our Scottsdale jewelry store. Our associates will help you find the perfect piece of pearl jewelry with incredible quality and design.

Diamond Master Quiz

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Diamond Quiz

Do you have what it takes to be a diamond master? Think you can answer questions about diamonds like the pros? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Question 1: True or False: Lab-made diamonds are the same as synthetic diamonds.

Question 2: Diamonds form approximately how many miles below the ground.

  1. 1,000

  2. 500

  3. 100

  4. 20

Question 3: The word diamond is a Greek word meaning…

  1. Indestructible

  2. Power

  3. Strength

  4. Hard

Question 4: The 4 C’s of diamonds are…

  1. Clarity, cut, compensation, color

  2. Cost, clarity, cut, corners

  3. Cut, color, clean, carat

  4. Clarity, cut, color, carat

Question 5: True or False: Diamond prices are based on weight.

Scroll below to find out what you scored! To learn more about diamonds and to find the perfect one for you or your significant other, visit our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale. With the widest selection of elegant diamond necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry for you.

Answer 1: False. Lab-made diamonds undergo the same process as natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are completely artificial.

Answer 2: C

Answer 3: A

Answer 4: D

Answer 5: False. The price of a diamond depends on the 4 C’s including clarity, cut, color and carat.

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

your engagement ring budget

Most people have heard the rule of thumb that you should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring. But as the styles of engagement rings change and progress, so do the rules of setting an engagement ring budget.

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So many times now, purchasing an engagement ring is a joint venture. It’s not always a surprise engagement. Couples are making the decision together which helps in setting a budget and picking the perfect ring.

If you are purchasing the ring by yourself, we can offer some tips on a budget.

- You have to decide if an engagement ring is worth putting yourself in years worth of debt. If it’s not, spend some time saving up for the ring or look into financing options. You want to put as much down as possible to minimize your monthly payments.

- Decide what is most important to you and your partner. Is it purchasing a home in the near future? Maybe it would be best to buy a smaller ring and put the extra money towards a down payment on a home.

- Has your partner expressed the need for a large sparkler? If that’s the case, decide what you can cut back on in other areas of your life in order to afford the ring of his or her dreams.

- If you have an unlimited budget, follow your gut! If you know your partner well, you can pick out something that will fit their taste and be the perfect engagement ring for them to wear for the rest of their lives.  

We can’t give you a hard and fast rule for an engagement ring budget. What we can say is this… Be comfortable with your purchase. Once you’ve set a budget, come into our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale and begin your shopping. Who knows? You may find a smaller, more intricate ring that fits the bill. You might find a larger ring that speaks to your heart and that’s why we have financing options so you can buy him or her the ring of their dreams.

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If you have questions about our engagement ring selection, stop by our Scottsdale jewelry store and our associates will walk you through the process so you make the right choice for your significant other and for your budget.  

Know Your Diamonds Before Making a Purchase

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

know your diamonds

If you’re at all familiar with diamonds, you’ve probably heard of the 4 C’s. This is the process taken to determine the quality of diamonds. The price is based off of 4 categories, all of which can determine the price of the diamond due to its characteristics and beauty.

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It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a diamond and to be aware of the 4 C’s when you go to select one. That way you’ll understand why a diamond is priced the way it is and you can ask questions to establish if it’s the right one for you.

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Here are the 4 C’s of diamonds!

  • Cut: This describes how a diamond is shaped and formed by a jeweler so it has a beautiful shine and sparkle. Examples of diamond cuts include princess, emerald and cushion. Each of these will reflect light differently, but all have a brilliance of their own.

  • Clarity: Diamonds can be spotted or blemished depending on their quality. Clarity is defined by how clear the diamond is, allowing the natural characteristics to stand out. Clarity can not be changed by jewelers. What you see is what you get. The clearer the diamond, the higher the wealth.

  • Color: Much like clarity, this will change how the diamond looks. If the color of the diamond is off, light won’t be reflected as well. This can sometimes be countered by a brilliant cut, but you’ll pay much less for a diamond with imperfect color.

  • Carat: This defines the size of the diamond. I’m sure you’ve heard of all the celebrities with engagement rings with carats larger than their waist size. The carat is a huge factor in determining the price of a diamond.

When you decide to buy a diamond, it’s good to know what you’d be willing to sacrifice to stay on budget and still be able to get the look you want. Maybe you can handle a few imperfections if the diamond is larger. Or you can settle for a smaller diamond with perfect clarity that will shine like the stars in the sky.

No matter what you decide, make sure you’re going to a reliable jeweler. Our luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale comes highly recommended not only for our incredible quality of diamonds, but also because we know how to make our guests feel special. Each and every person that leaves with a diamond from our store knows where to return for their next purchase.

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If you’d like to become part of the Hamra family, stop by our Scottsdale jewelry store or call us at 480-946-5110. You can also view our extensive selection online, now offering online purchases!

Everything You Need to Know About Ring Sizing

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

ring sizing

When your ring is purchased for you or you purchase a ring for someone else, it can be hard to get their ring size if you want the gift to remain a surprise. That’s where we come in! We can help you resize your ring so it fits perfectly, relieving you of the fear of a ring becoming stuck or losing it.

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The main thing you need to know when purchasing a ring for someone when you aren’t sure of their ring size is you want to get as close as possible. This could mean doing some detective work such as bringing in another ring they wear or asking someone close to them that you can trust.

When resizing a ring, there’s two ways it can be done.

If the ring is too small…

Depending on how much the ring size needs to be changed, there are two options when enlarging a ring. One is by essentially stretching the metal, which will thin it out and enlarge the opening. The more common practice is to add a small piece of metal to open up the ring.

If the ring is too large…

This is the reverse of what happens when sizing down a ring. A piece of metal will be removed from the ring, allowing the jeweler to pull the two remaining sides together, creating a smaller circle. The prongs (if any) will then have to be tightened due to the stress put on the metal. Sizing beads can be soldered to the inside of the ring as well.

If you purchase a ring and it’s wildly over or undersized, have no fear. The right jeweler will be able to help you. It’s also important to discuss with your jeweler what you can do in the case that it’s not the perfect ring for your significant other or special person in your life. Many times, jewelers will offer you the opportunity to trade in rings or give you credit towards another.

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If you’ve purchased a ring that needs to be resized, visit or call our luxury Scottsdale jewelry store at 480-946-5110. Whether you’ve made your purchase or still need to decide, we have a wide selection of high-end jewelry that is sure to include the perfect piece for you.

Jewelry Gifts That Are Sure to Please

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

There are a few jewelry gifts that you can give knowing they’ll be loved and cherished. It’s also important that they get use! Intricate pieces do make great statements, but for everyday wear, sometimes it’s better to go with something understated with quiet elegance.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite pieces that can be worn with any outfit, any time of year to anything including work or a evening event.

  • A simple gemstone necklace - We’re huge fan of statement necklaces here at Hamra Jewelers, but for daily wear, smaller single stone necklaces can lend themselves to everyday wear better than a complicated, multi-stone necklace.

  • Bangle bracelets - Any single strand bracelet can elevate the beauty of an outfit. That’s why we love our bangles with diamonds or colored gemstones.

  • Pearl necklace - This is a piece that was once known for being the icing on the cake of elegant evening attire, but now translates into daytime as well. Don’t be afraid to throw on a pearl necklace or earrings and shine! Pair them with a ball gown or jeans and a t-shirt. Either way, you’ll radiate with your string of pearls.

  • Solitaire diamond rings - These aren’t exclusively used for engagement purposes. Rings with a single stone can be elegant and understated while also being brilliant and beautiful.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift that your loved one will enjoy year-round, come to Hamra Jewelers, the exclusive luxury jewelry store in Scottsdale. We can show you a range of jewelry from simple to lavish and everything in between.

With the holidays coming up, it’s important to start narrowing down your search for the perfect piece of jewelry! Our associates will spend as much time as you need to ensure you’ve picked just the right piece.

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