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Patek Philippe


Ways to Wear Your Birthstone

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson


There are many reasons why people continue to buy and wear jewelry that highlights their specific birthstone. For some, it is the personal connection they have to their birthstone. Others believe that wearing their birthstone brings good fortune and will keep them away from trouble. There are also those who point to the metaphysical healing properties found in these stones.

Whatever the reason may be, wearing birthstone jewelry is just as popular now as it ever has been. Creative jewelers are constantly designing a variety of pieces that allow many different ways to wear your birthstone.

As a reminder, here is a list of birthstones, month-by-month:

January – Garnet: A traditional symbol of faith, love and constancy.

February – Amethyst: Symbol of strong relationships and courage.

March - Aquamarine: Good health, youth, love and hope.

April – Diamond: Everlasting love, purity, innocence and courage.

May – Emerald: Wisdom, growth, patience – also associated with fertility and rebirth.

June – Pearl: Suggests chastity, modesty and stable marriage relationships.

July – Ruby: Token of harmony, peace and nobility of character.

August – Peridot: Symbol of strength.

September – Sapphire: Dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith and wisdom.

October – Opal: Faithfulness, confidence, hope, creativity and innocence.

November – Topaz: Good mental health, love and affection.

December – Turquoise: Good fortune, success and happiness.

Some of the more popular ways to wear birthstones include the following:

·      Necklace – Whether on a simple gold or silver chain, or encrusted with diamonds for a more formal look, wearing a necklace with your birthstone keeps it close to your heart.

·      Pendant – This is a great idea when you want to give a non-romantic gift to someone special in your life. A pendant featuring their birthstone is something they can wear with almost anything and will always carry special meaning.

·      Bracelet – Hamra Jewelers carries a wide selection of bracelets containing birthstones, both simple and elaborate depending on how and when you will be wearing it. Choose a simple design for day to day wearing or something more intense to be worn in formal settings.

·      Rings – It has been suggested that rings that hold a birthstone are best worn on the left hand index finger. The middle finger should be avoided, as it is traditionally known as the unlucky finger.

·      Earrings – This might be the most popular way to wear birthstones.

If you have questions about how and when you should wear your birthstone, please give Hamra Jewelers a call at 480-946-5110.


The Most Popular Watches Made by Rolex

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Rolex watches

Even those who aren’t familiar with high quality timepieces know the name Rolex. The Rolex brand is by far the best known and most iconic in the wristwatch industry. Since the beginning of the company in the early 1900’s through today, Rolex watches are extremely popular with collectors.

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Some of the pieces made by Rolex have been better received and sought after than others. Here we list 5 of the most popular watches made by Rolex:


Originally introduced as a timepiece for divers and other water sports enthusiasts, the Submariner has been extremely popular since its introduction in 1953. First designs of the watch kept them water resistant at up to 330 feet. As technology and innovation have advanced, the newest model of the Submariner allows it to perform well at up to 1000 feet under water.

It is not only a highly functional watch for those involved in specific activities, it is also eye-catching and sophisticated making it suitable for both diving and everyday activity.

GMT-Master II

This elegant watch was initially designed for international pilots who may need to keep track of time in more than one place in the world at a time. Aviators continued to use this watch because of its reliability and remarkable time keeping mechanism. It continues to be a popular piece today for anyone looking for a watch that looks good in both informal and formal settings.

Yachtmaster II

Very well known in the yachting world when first introduced in the 1950’s, the Yachtmaster II contained the first programmable mechanical countdown timer in the world, which made it very popular for yacht racing. The elegant style and superb construction make this an excellent watch, still popular today as one of the most stunning and good looking watches on the market.


First engineered in 1945, this watch continues to be one of the most recognized watches in the world today. It is known for its classic workmanship and style as well as its simple, yet stunning design. The Datejust Rolex was the first wristwatch to come with both a self-winding chronometer as well as a date display window on the dial. This is one of the most admired watches in the world and is a symbol of timeless luxury.

Rolex Daytona

Built with professional race car drivers in mind, the Rolex Daytona boasts a highly accurate and reliable chronograph and tachymeter scale. It has been used by racing teams to precisely measure speed up to 240 miles per hour and is truly legendary in the motor sports world. Collectors seeking a watch of superb quality construction using only the best materials will love the distinguished Rolex Daytona.

To see some of these pieces up close and personal, visit Hamra Jewelers, where we have an impressive selection of Rolex watches on display. Call us if you have questions at 480-946-5110.


Accessorize Your Man!

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Men's Accessorize

For women, what can be more fun than taking your sharp dressed man’s appearance to the next level by helping him find just the right accessories to go along with his look? It’s one thing to spend time going through your own jewelry boxes trying to find the perfect set of earrings to go with your dress or the right color handbag that compliments your shoes. It’s quite another thing to try and find accessories for a guy that not only work with his look, but those that he will actually wear. 

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When it comes to accessories for men, it is more about the small details. Most men will not want to draw too much attention to themselves by wearing an accessory that is too big or loud (sorry ascots!). They are looking for something simple and refined that makes a statement. 

One of the best ways to accessorize your man without pushing him too far is to focus on the jewelry he is wearing. From rings to wristwatches, the right piece of jewelry can make just the right splash in your guy’s ensemble. Here are some suggestions for women looking for something for their man:

1. Timepiece

Wristwatches are in their own category when it comes to jewelry. They are both traditional and modern at the same time. It is common to see a man build their collection of watches to include several pieces, each with their own look and feel. For some men, this may be the only jewelry you can get them to wear. Encourage them to accessorize by giving them more watches to choose from.

2. Cufflinks

The nice thing about cufflinks is that, while they definitely add a classy look, they are just subtle enough that a guy is still willing to wear them. There are so many choices when it comes to cufflinks. You can easily find something that matches your man’s personality and interests. These days, men are just as likely to wear cufflinks to work as they are to more formal events. You can kick start his collection of cufflinks by finding one formal set and one more for fun.

3. Rings

You can actually get a guy to wear more than just his wedding ring if you find just the right piece. Again, most guys are looking more for sophistication than they are for flashiness when it comes to rings. You’ll be surprised how much he’ll love even the simplest design.

For more ideas on jewelry accessories for men, be sure to visit Hamra Fine Jewelers or give us a call at 480-946-5110. We often speak to customers who are looking for an idea for a specific event, like an anniversary or a promotion at work.


Pros of Buying a Pre-Owned Timepiece

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson



One of the things that makes fine jewelry so sought after and treasured is the fact that time has no hold on it. Jewelry keeps its beauty and allure no matter how much time has passed. Even when certain styles of jewelry fall out of fashion for a season, they sometimes make a comeback at one point or another. This is why people continue to build collections that they can pass down to their children and grandchildren. Prices may rise and fall, but the jewelry holds onto its sentimental and aesthetic value.

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This is definitely true when it comes to timepieces, which is why so many people these days are building their watch collection with pre-owned pieces. Certain styles and looks just cannot be replicated. There are definite benefits to buying pre-owned vintage watches including the following:

Rare Style and Design

Some watches were designed and built in a way that is simply timeless and unique. It is difficult to find anything that comes close to a matching the specific style of a certain vintage watch. These are the type of watches that combine both advanced sophisticated technology that allows the watch to work the way it is supposed to with a style and look that is a reflection of the elaborate design process. A master timepiece designer knows that his creation is so much more than just a means for telling time.


One reason why those looking to build their collection seek after pre-owned watches is because of the history of the piece. Collectors love finding watches that have a history or a story that goes along with it. Some watches are no longer in stock or unavailable from authorized dealers. Others were part of limited editions and cannot be found unless it is through another owner. Having watches connected to a specific story or time from history gives it its own personality and makes a treasured addition to any collection.


Perhaps the biggest reason why pre-owned timepieces are so popular is because they allow a collector to purchase the watch at a much lower cost than the current price. This makes classic, quality watches much more accessible to many different budgets. The nice part is, watches made by reputable brands such as Rolex and Breitling are still just as good as they were 50 years ago. You can find a timeless piece that is still in excellent working condition for much less than you would have paid for it when it was new.

Are you already a collector of timepieces or are you just getting started? Either way, be sure to check out the inventory of watches we carry at Hamra Jewelers. Stop by for a look or feel free to call with questions at 480 946 5110.


10-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

10 Year AnniversaryReaching the 10-year mark for in a marriage is no small feat. There will continue to be significant milestones to mark your time together, but the first ten years definitely sends a statement about your commitment to each other.

At the beginning of your marriage, you might feel inspired to celebrate each and every anniversary no matter what the occasion, even if it’s the anniversary of your first kiss or your first date. As time goes on, it can be difficult to keep those celebrations up. Soon you find that just celebrating your wedding anniversary takes some serious focus.

Make sure you celebrate your 10th anniversary no matter what. Make it special and make it stand out from the first 9 celebrations. This is a great chance to give your significant other a special gift to mark the occasion.

Tin is the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary and many people choose gifts that either incorporate tin or the color of tin. Aluminum is the modern material that goes along with tin. Both tin and aluminum symbolize the necessary flexibility and durability of a marriage. If you want to stick with this tradition, you might choose a favorite picture of you together in a tin frame.

When it comes to jewelry, diamonds are the alternative, contemporary gift that goes along with the 10th anniversary. Diamond earrings or a diamond necklace might be in order to mark this very special occasion. Hamra Jewelers offers an assortment of diamond-featured necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

The tenth anniversary gemstone is blue sapphire. Again, nothing will make this anniversary stand out more than a beautiful piece of jewelry that highlights the tradition of hitting the 10-year mark. Perhaps an elegant sapphire and diamond necklace is the perfect gift, or blue sapphire earrings. Be sure to see what we have on hand at Hamra Jewelers.

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Of course, the wives may want to consider something completely different than jewelry for their husband. Maybe a new timepiece could be the appropriate gift to mark this very significant anniversary. Whether your husband is already a collector or this is his very first piece, we’re sure we can help you find the right timepiece at Hamra.

Stop by or give us a call today to find out more of what we have to offer. We hope we can make your 10th anniversary memorable by helping you find just the right gift.

How to Choose the Right Cuff Links for Your Significant Other

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Cuff LinksWhen you are looking to give a gift of sophistication and style, cufflinks are a great choice, especially if your significant other is the type of guy with a closet full of suits and ties. It can be tricky knowing how to choose the right cufflinks. There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes.

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Here are a few things for you to consider as you choose the right cuff links for your guy:


Make sure that you choose something that he will actually wear. This means finding something that matches at least one thing that he wears. You want to be sure to choose something that is neutral enough to go with several different shirts, but also stylish and unique.

Match His Personality

You can find cufflinks for almost any personality. These days, cufflinks are not limited to precious stones or plain gold and silver. Cufflinks incorporate hobbies, sports, movies, and practically anything else you can think of. This makes it easier to find cufflinks that match your guy’s personality. They will add just the right amount of flair, even when he is dressed up for the most formal of events.

Make Them Personal

One way to ensure the cufflinks you give your significant other are special is to personalize them. Choose cufflinks with your guy’s initials on them or have a personal picture or message imprinted. This would also be a great idea as a gift for Father’s Day.

The Right Size

Some guys are just a little flashier than others. They might prefer larger cufflinks that stand out and draw attention. Other guys like a more understated look. For them, the cufflinks are an important detail in their overall look, but should not overwhelm. You know your man better than anyone else and can decide what size cufflinks would best suit him.

Adding to Collection

It could be that your guy already has a collection of cufflinks that he uses on a regular basis. In this case, you might consider getting him something that is different than what he already has. The larger the collection the more daring you can be. For some guys, it is more about the collection than it is about actually wearing the cufflinks. This allows you to have a bit more flexibility when choosing a new set for him.

No matter what the occasion or what style you are looking for, be sure to check out the collection of cufflinks offered at Hamra Jewelers. We have an excellent range of cufflinks in all price ranges and we are sure you will find something that matches your significant other’s style.

 Come visit the store or give us a call at 480-946-5110.

How to Say “I’m Sorry” with Jewelry

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Say Im sorry with jewelryTo think that we can have a relationship, even a really good one, without ever making a mistake or having to apologize for something we have done is folly. There will always be those moments when we will have to eat our humble pie, swallow our pride and beg for forgiveness.  

But you know what always helps make an apology truly significant? A gift. When you want that “I’m sorry” to really stand out, you don’t just buy any gift, you buy jewelry.

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The story goes of a successful businessman in England who would buy his wife an extravagant piece of jewelry every time he was unfaithful. This was his way of trying to make each apology more meaningful. At the end of 26 years of marriage, the wife ended up with 43 gorgeous and glittering pieces of jewelry. When she passed away at the age of 90, her collection sold at auction for just under $500,000!

We hope that your apologies are for actions far less damaging than this businessman, although we do believe he was on the right track when it came to choosing the right gift. A good rule of thumb is to choose a piece of jewelry that matches the weight of your apology. Here are some examples:

You spent date night at your buddy’s house watching the game – Earrings

You didn’t bother with reservations for Valentine’s Day - Bracelet

You forgot your anniversary – Necklace

You told her she looked fat – Diamonds!

The truth is, a special piece of jewelry can send just the right message when you are trying to smooth over a situation. Be sure to spend some time looking for something that is meaningful and something that she will like. Do not run into a department store and grab the first thing in a velvet box that you see.

If you really want some good ideas, come visit us at Hamra. Take a look at the many fine pieces we have. You are sure to come away with something that will convey the right message and strengthen your relationship even more.

Looking for something specific? Feel free to give us a call at 480-946-5110.


Designers Who Are Revolutionizing Watches

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Revolutionizing Designer WatchesThe art of reading time continues to forge new paths when it comes to design and elegance. Traditional watch designers and manufacturers are always finding new and clever ways to keep us focused on their newest creations while new designers continue to stun us with their fresh concepts and inventions.

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Finding a new way to put a spin on reading time can be a challenge. Designers walk the fine line of staying on the cutting edge while not veering too far away from the traditional. There are a few designers who continue to make giant strides into revolutionizing the watch making industry. Here are some we think you should keep your eye on:


Since Breitling began in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland in 1884, the focus has been on innovation and precision. Breitling was the first to offer a wrist worn chronograph and became the official supplier to both the Royal Air Force and the American Armed Forces. These days, Breitling has become one of the greatest Swiss watch brands in history. They continue to create timepieces with such precision and reliability that they known as the mechanical chronograph specialists. Owners of Breitling timepieces know that they have something that is on the cutting edge of technology and design.


Rolex watches are one of the few brands of timepieces that can actually gain value with time. The fact that well-known celebrities and sports figures have worn Rolex for years now is a statement of its ability to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. The Rolex brand has truly stood the test of time with many owners considering their watches an investment. These watches are unique in that they manage to be classic and cutting edge at the same time. They continue to set new records of innovation and design with their focus on technology.

Patek Philippe

The perfection that Patek Philippe strives for in watch making has given them unparalleled prestige known world-wide. As Geneva’s oldest family-owned watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe continues to play a key role in the innovation of new and important watches. It has over 80 patents, including 20 that have been of major importance in the history of horology. Watch for technical progress and advanced mechanical functionality from Patek Philippe as they continue to invent and create.

For those that love watches and keeping an eye on new trends that so often arise in the watch-making world, we invite you to visit Hamra Fine Jewelry & Timepieces to see our fine collection. We have pieces that will attract people at all different stages of watch collection. Whether you are new to fine timepieces, looking for something to get started with or if you are a long time collector hoping to add to your collection, we have a wide variety of watches in our store.

Stop by for a visit or give us a call at 480-946-5110.

Can I Return or Exchange my Engagement Ring if She Doesn’t Like It?

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Exchange engagement ring


So the big moment has arrived. The proposal! You have carefully planned out a moment in your relationship with your girl that will do down in history. Not a single detail has been overlooked as you strategically get to that special moment where you are down on one knee looking up into her eyes holding the ring in your hand.

Then you notice it! Yes she is thrilled you are asking her this most important question. Yes she is excited about the atmosphere you have carefully created. And yes, she is glowing with love for you. However, there is something else there in her eyes; a small hint of stress or disappointment. At first you cannot tell what it is. Then it hits you like a load of bricks…she is not happy with the ring you chose!

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This is an extremely sensitive situation. On the one hand, you want her to absolutely love the ring you chose as a symbol of your undying love for her. At the same time, you want her to be completely happy with the ring she will wear from this day forward showing her commitment to you.

So what do you do with a ring that you know she is not in love with? Can you return it or exchange it if she doesn’t like it?

At Hamra Jewelers, the answer is yes! We want both you and your fiancée to be absolutely and completely happy with your engagement ring. Even if that means bringing the one you chose back to trade in or exchange for something else.

It could be that your soon to be wife had something very specific in mind when she pictured her engagement ring. Maybe she wanted a certain style of band or a particular cut of diamond. Don’t panic! There are choices available. Plus, this could turn out to be a very special bonding moment for you and your fiancée. This could be the first of many important decisions you will make together.

First, talk about what it is exactly your fiancée is wanting. Make sure you are paying close attention to details as she talks about styles, including the size and cut of the stone and the color of the band. While you definitely want to have your say too, keep in mind that it is her finger that will be carrying this ring for the long run.

Next, come down to Hamra Jewelers to see what options we have available. Looking through the many different engagement rings we offer will give you both ideas on what to look for. You might also find that talking to one of our experienced staff will help you focus on key factors in your consideration. Rely on our experience and knowledge to help you find the right ring.

If you have specific questions about returning or exchanging an engagement ring, call us at 480-946-5110.

Top 5 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Daniel Henderson

Top 5 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas


If you are a bride to be that is a stickler for detail, then you will not want to forget a gift for your loyal and loving bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are so much more than just a part of your wedding party. They are your lifelong friends that you will want to remember for years to come. What better way to thank the girls who will zip your wedding gown up for the last time than by giving them a meaningful gift that says “thank you” in just right way.

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Choosing this gift is a little more involved than you might first realize. You want to find something that makes a simple, yet classy statement. It is also wise to consider the usefulness of the gift. Giving them something that will just sit in a memory chest or on a shelf is not always the most memorable gift.

Here are 5 ideas for bridesmaid’s gifts:

1. Earrings

All jewelry is an excellent gift for your bridesmaids. Choose something that will not only go well with their bridesmaid’s dresses, but something they can also wear again with something else.

2. Engraved Bracelet

Give your bridesmaids a charm bracelet with their initials engraved on it and you will have yourself a friend for life. Not only is it meaningful, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, especially her bridesmaid dress.

3. Watch

The right timepiece can be the perfect gift for any bridesmaid. Watches add a dash of sophistication and fashion. Choose one that she can wear on your wedding day and at every other bridesmaid reunion that comes up down the road.

4. Initial Pendants

These are the perfect gift because they are gorgeous and personal. Be sure to go for the extra level of elegance by choosing pendants in cursive writing encrusted with diamonds.

5. Jewelry Box

It could be that your bridesmaids already have the jewelry they want to wear to your wedding already picked out. Maybe what they really need is a beautiful jewelry box to hold all of their gorgeous pieces. Give them a personalized jewelry box wrapped up nicely.

Remember that, no matter what you choose as a gift for your bridesmaids, make it about your special relationship with them. Focus on your friendship and what it is that keeps your bond strong with them. When you focus on that, the right gift idea will just pop right into your head.

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