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Should You Be Wearing Hypoallergenic Jewelry?

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

hypoallergenic jewelry

Have you ever taken your earrings off after a long day and had sore ear lobes? Maybe you didn’t even make it that long and had to remove them because your ears were throbbing or swollen. As you probably know, you have a metal allergy. Some people aren’t even aware that they’re having adverse reactions to their jewelry. Here’s some symptoms you may be experiencing… 

- Rash

- Burning

- Itching

- Swelling

- Blisters

The most common cause of jewelry allergies comes from nickel. Surprisingly, it’s one of the most common skin allergies. You may notice your neck itching or dry patches on your fingers after removing your rings. This is a sign of a nickel allergy.

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If you’re wearing nickel and finding yourself having a bad reaction, try wearing hypoallergenic jewelry. Very few people have allergic reactions to the following metals:

- Yellow gold

- Pure sterling silver

- Platinum

- Titanium

If you have jewelry that is causing one of the allergy symptoms listed above, consider taking your pieces into a jeweler who can coat them so the offending metal isn’t in direct contact with your skin.

Come browse our wide selection of hypoallergenic jewelry including diamond rings, exquisite bracelets and show-stopping necklaces. We can help you find the perfect piece in our luxury Scottsdale jewelry store that you can show off without the fear of an allergic reaction.

Discover the Healing Power of Gems

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

healing power of gems

There’s a large amount of people in the United States and around the world that are embracing alternatives to western medicine. From acupuncture to reflexology, there are many ways to deal with ailments apart from medications and surgery.

This unique belief in medical alternatives spills over into the world of gems as well. There’s been known to be great power in crystals and gems, using them in tune with nature to promote healing within the body. PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The following gems have been known to have healing benefits:

  • Amber - memory loss, heart problems, headaches

  • Amethyst - insomnia, arthritis, circulation

  • Aquamarine - liver problems, calms nerves, issues with stomach, teeth and eyes

  • Citrine - hearing, clear mind

  • Garnet - heart issues, lung problems, intimacy

  • Lapis - insomnia, depression, creativity

  • Onyx - spirituality

  • Pearl - calm, loyalty

  • Peridot - stress, anger

  • Ruby- emotional issues, happiness, passion

  • Sapphire - inner peace, pain, expression

  • Topaz - greed, emotions

  • Turquoise - healing, balance

While we can’t say for sure that any of these gems are scientifically proven to help with these problems, we do know that jewelry puts a smile on anybody’s face. A beautiful turquoise necklace or a token of appreciation, such as a pair of citrine earrings, can bring light to someone’s life. It may not cure them or rid them of their problems, but knowing that you put enough thought into their gift can raise their spirits.

Browse our wide selection of diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones and you’ll find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Purchase a ruby to reignite the passion in your relationship or take home a pearl to show your loyalty. Our Scottsdale jewelry store has it all!

3 Signs You Need a New Jeweler

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

find the right jeweler

Whether you purchase jewelry frequently, or are making your first big purchase, you want to have a good relationship with your jeweler. It’s not a one-time type of relationship. Most expensive jewelry pieces come with a warranty as well as cleaning services so you’ll be heading back to that store throughout the years.

We’ve met a few customers that have come to us because  they’ve had bad experiences with previous jewelers. Here are a few of the signs we’ve heard that have steered customers away from jewelers.

  • They’re too pushy

Although your purchase may be similar to purchasing a car, you don’t want to be pushed into making a decision. Depending on your purchase, it could be a piece of jewelry that you or your loved one wear everyday for the rest of your life. You don’t want to be pushed into making a decision quickly.

You also don’t want to be coerced into purchasing something out of your price range. Upselling may be part of the jewelers job, but you need to go in with a clear budget and stick to it. If the jeweler isn’t being respectful of that, I would advise going somewhere else.

  • They are vague when you ask questions

Any seasoned jeweler should be able to answer questions about cut, color, clarity and anything else you may think of. You aren’t the expert, they are. So if you feel they aren’t answering your questions adequately or are skating around the subject, take your business elsewhere. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a piece of jewelry only to find out it should have been priced much lower or you didn’t get the full story before writing the check.

  • They don’t offer warranties

A warranty is the most important part of a large jewelry purchase (besides having it insured after). If your jeweler is avoiding discussing a warranty, chances are that if you have a problem down the road, they won’t be helpful. It’s easier to do a one-stop-shop where you know you can take your ring back if you have any issues.

If you’ve experienced any of the above issues with a jeweler, you know how unsettling it can be. That’s why word of mouth can be so important. Check out our reviews and see how many customers have left happy, with a jewelry piece that they love!

We want the experience of jewelery shopping to be enjoyable and relaxing, not stressful and pressured. We’ll take the time necessary to make sure you end up with the perfect piece! We pride ourselves on our customer service, not just on your purchase day, but every day after that. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your shopping experience here at Hamra Jewelers in Scottsdale.

The Dos and Donts of Pairing Jewelry With Clothes

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

Incorporating jewelry into your wardrobe is a great way to add some glam and sophistication to your look. But pairing jewelry with clothes can be rather tricky at times. Luckily, the experts at our Scottsdale jewelry store are here to provide you with all the dos and don'ts of pairing jewelry with clothes. Follow these tips to create a flawless look that even professional fashion consultants would be jealous of.

Do Mix and Match

Creating a fashion forward look is somewhat of an art form. Like most things in art, mixing and matching is generally a good thing. Don’t think that the color of your outfit must match the color of your jewelry (although it can). Play around with your look by wearing gold and silver pieces together, combining long and short necklaces and displaying custom designs with more generic pieces. If you’re wary about mixing your jewelry together, wearing a matching set is never a bad choice, either.  

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Don’t Go Overboard

It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of jewelry and think that more is better. But, unless you want the focal point of your outfit to be your jewelry, it’s best to follow the less is more rule of thumb, especially if you’re wearing a more extravagant outfit. If you do wear a fancy outfit, it should be accented with classic pieces such as diamond studs or an understated gold or silver necklace rather than a statement piece. Too much glitz can sometimes be a bad thing.

Do Dress For the Occasion

Think about what impression your outfit is going to give. Extra large hoop earrings paired with business attire doesn’t say “powerful professional,” instead it screams “hot mess.”  Make sure your jewelry matches in terms of the level of sophistication and appropriateness.  Don’t wear an outfit meant for a glamorous event with jewelry meant for a relaxed evening in with friends.  While pairing chic and casual can be done, it only works if done right. Use your judgement and ask yourself if your jewelry and clothes send the statement you’re hoping for.

Don’t Wear Jewelry That’s Dingy and Dirty

No matter how amazing your outfit is, if you wear jewelry that’s dirty or in need of repair, your look won’t  dazzle the way you want it to. Instead of enhancing your outfit, dirty jewelry will actually distract from the overall intent of the clothes. Keep your jewelry clean to make the most of your designer duds.

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Remember, when pairing jewelry with clothes it’s best to pick pieces that you love and that match your overall wardrobe style. Bohemian jewelry paired with a preppy outfit just doesn’t mix well. Take time to think about your style of clothes and pick jewelry that will compliment the outfit rather than distract from it.

To find jewelry pieces that will never go out of style, visit our Scottsdale jewelry store. We guarantee we have jewelry that will pair perfectly with your individual style.

The Ultimate Guide to Watch Winders

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

watch winders

Whether you’re new to the watch world or you’ve already amassed a large collection, you know that there’s nothing more sophisticated than a timepiece.  They’re one of the most popular items at jewelry stores, and for good reason. They’re a classic accessory that never goes out of style.

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But as amazing as watches are, it can be a bother to wind an automatic watch by hand when it has wound down or has stopped altogether, especially since the watch will need to be reset as well. The solution? A watch winder!

What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a mechanical device used to wind an automatic or self-winding watch when not being worn. As you probably know, automatic watches operate based on movements from your wrists. Therefore, when an automatic watch isn’t being worn, time isn’t being kept. A watch winder solves this problem by keeping your watch running smoothly and always ready to wear.

How Does a Watch Winder Work?

A watch winder rotates a watch so that its internal mainspring is at tension at all times. It slowly turns the watch and engages with the rotor, thus, maintaining the watch’s power level as well.

Why Should I Invest in a Watch Winder?

If you’ve already spent the money on a fine watch, you’ll want to invest in a watch winder to maintain its functionality.

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It’s advantageous to consider buying a watch winder if:

  • you have a large watch collection and wear different watches daily

  • you only wear your watch on certain occasions (ie infrequently)

Additionally, watch winders are said to prolong the life of a watch because they help keep parts lubricated and in constant motion, yet prevent your watch from being overwound.

If you’re considering investing in a watch winder, be sure to check out this list of the best watch winders in existence.

To start your timepiece collection off right or to compliment the collection you already have, stop by our jewelry store in Scottsdale for the most sought-after timepieces. Not only do we sell timepieces from some of the most well-known watchmakers in the world, we also offer watch repair, should your timepiece ever need it.

Traveling with Jewelry the Smart Way

Posted on in Blog by Ale Johnson

traveling with jewelry

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, the planning and preparation process beforehand can often be the most stressful part. You have to worry about where to stay, what to pack and most importantly, what to wear! If you’re a true fashionista, you won’t let a little traveling stop you from bringing along your favorite jewelry. But you can’t just drop your precious jewels at the bottom of a suitcase! Traveling with jewelry requires more care than that.

Here at Hamra, we’re experts in all things jewelry related, but you don’t need to be a Scottsdale jewelry store like us to ensure your gems and diamonds are kept safe when traveling. Just follow our expert tips so that the next time you’re traveling with jewelry, your most treasured items will stay just as bright, shiny, and protected as the day you bought them.

Tips for Traveling With Jewelry

1. Invest in a Portable Jewelry Case

When traveling with jewelry, the best way to protect your pieces is by storing them in a portable jewelry case. You can find these online, at some jewelry stores, or even create one yourself. The portable jewelry case doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. It just needs to protect your jewelry from rubbing against anything abrasive.

2.  Carry it With You

If you’re traveling by plane, make sure to stow your jewelry in your carry on luggage. Don’t pack it in a suitcase that’s going to be checked at the airport. Keep it with you at all times. That’s the only way to ensure its safe arrival to your destination.

3.  Use the Hotel Safe

Once you’re at your destination, don’t leave your jewelry unattended. If you’re not wearing it that day, place it in the hotel safe instead of keeping it unprotected in your hotel room.

4. Make a List

In all the craziness of traveling, it’s easy to accidentally leave things behind. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, write down every item of jewelry you’re taking with you. Check the list just before you head back home. Forgetting your toothbrush at the hotel is one thing, but forgetting your exquisite diamond ring is quite another!

5. Have a Backup Plan

By that, I mean make sure your jewelry is insured and properly appraised. When traveling with jewelry, it’s important to think of the worst case scenario so that you’ll be prepared should anything happen. If, for some reason, your jewelry does go missing or is stolen on your travels, you can rest easy knowing that your insurance company will replace it or write you a check so that you can replace it yourself.

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No matter where your travels take you, be sure to stop by our jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ, beforehand to find the perfect worldclass accessory for your jetsetting adventures.

Top Scene Stealing Jewelry

Posted on in Blog by Kamie Pamulapati

scene stealing jewelry

There are very few things that can outshine a bonafide movie star on screen, except, of course, the jewelry. Take a look at our list of the most extravagant and eye-catching scene stealers ever in existence.

1.  Heart of the Ocean Necklace in Titanicheart of the ocean

This necklace mesmerized moviegoers as soon as it appeared on screen. Sadly, the piece used in the movie was entirely fake.  But if you want a similar piece that’s actually real and simply stunning, head on over to and check out this piece.

moulin rouge2.  Diamond Necklace in Moulin Rouge

This captivating piece of jewelry was reportedly worth $1 million. It was made by designer Stefano Canturi and inspired by styles worn during Louis XVI’s reign. For a more modern alternative with just as much sparkle and shine, this diamond necklace from Hamra can’t be beat.

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how to lose a guy in 10 days3.  Yellow Diamond Necklace in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Created by Harry Winston specifically for the movie, this blinding yellow diamond necklace is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever created for a movie. It’s estimated worth is $5 million. If you’re looking for a yellow diamond piece just as unique as the one worn by Kate Hudson, consider this fancy yellow diamond ring, a truly showstopping piece.

Visit our jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ to see extraordinary pieces of jewelry guaranteed to be your own show stopper.

Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Posted on in Blog by Kamie Pamulapati


Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. She dreams of a beautiful engagement ring, a gorgeous prince charming and a huge crowd of wellwishers. What she doesn’t dream of is feeling self-conscious due to weight.  For some brides, losing weight before their wedding is important to ensure the magical day they dreamed of goes exactly the way they planned.

If you’re like one of many brides hoping to look and feel their best on the big day, you’ll appreciate these wedding weight loss tips. Follow these tips to ensure a healthy weight loss, and we guarantee your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of you, but for all the right reasons.

Wedding Weight Loss Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Just like the perfect proposal requires planning, so does weight loss.

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You should plan out what days you’re going to exercise and, if possible, what you’re going to eat for the week. Having a clear plan will help keep you in bounds and will make the weight loss process easier.  

Wedding Weight Loss Tip #2: Track What You Eat

It’s easy to think you’re eating healthy when you don’t have standards or guidelines to follow. Make sure to track what you eat, whether that means counting calories, reducing your portion size or keeping track of your proteins and carbohydrates. Do what makes sense for you. Just be sure to measure your efforts to ensure success.

If you’re interested in tracking your calories, check out this handy tool.

Wedding Weight Loss Tip #3: Recruit a Buddy

Forming healthy habits are easier when you have a buddy there to help keep you in line. Ask your bridesmaids to participate in a health challenge with you. Make it a game and be sure to check in with each other weekly to keep each other accountable.

Wedding Weight Loss Tip #4: Hydrate

You’ve heard this time and time again but it’s so important it needs to be said again…make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day! Water is weight loss’s best friend. Staying hydrated has a whole host of benefits, such as minimizing hunger, flushing out toxins from the system, and helping with bloating. While drinking more water won’t directly lead to weight loss, it aids in the overall process.

To determine how much water you should be drinking, check out this article.

Wedding Weight Loss Tip #5: Diversify Your Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is critical to weight loss. To make sure you don’t get burned out before you reach your goal, you need to diversify your exercise routine. Playing a game of basketball with your fiance, taking walks with your girlfriends and pumping some iron at the gym are all good ways to burn off some unwanted calories.

While our jewelry store in Scottsdale can’t help you with weight loss, we can help you find the most spectacular wedding band to compliment your new figure and make your wedding day complete. Visit us at 15435 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, AZ to see our magnificent collection in person.

Jewelry at the Emmys

Posted on in Blog by Kamie Pamulapati


The  66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the judging is over. There’s still plenty of winners to be announced….fashion winners that is.

While everyone else is talking about who won what, your favorite Scottsdale jewelry store is focused on the real winners of the night: the jewelry.

From gold snake bracelets to stunning sapphire pieces and everything in between,  the stars were dressed to impress, sporting some of this year’s hottest jewelry trends.

Without further ado, here are the most buzzed about jewelry trends worn by the biggest names in Hollywood.

1. Gold Statement Rings

Gold-Statement-RingThey say too much of something can be a bad thing, but when it comes to gold, we have to disagree. We’re loving the extra large gold rings worn in surplus by some of today’s most fashion forward celebrities.

Worn by: Kristin Chenoweth


2.  Stacked Jewelry

Stacked-JewelryAs we’ve mentioned before, stacking is the biggest trend on the street and on the red carpet. It’s a great way to add dimension to your jewelry and create a unique, signature look.  

Worn By: Anna Chlumsky


3. Chunky Diamond Bracelets

Chunky-Diamond-Cuff Chunky diamond bracelets are all the rage! They feature multiple diamonds to create a show-stopping piece worth talking about.

 Worn by: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Star or no star, you’ll shine bright with jewelry from Hamra. Visit our jewelry store in Scottsdale to find the red carpet piece you’ve been looking for.

Celebrate With an Anniversary Gemstone

Posted on in Blog by Kamie Pamulapati



If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift for that special someone in your life, look no further! Did you know that along with the traditional anniversary gift categories (paper, leather, wood) there’s also a gemstone for each anniversary? An anniversary gemstone shows that you’ve put thought into your jewelry purchase and that you value the last year you’ve spent together, and the many years to come.

Without further ado, here is a list of each anniversary gemstone:

1st: Gold 2nd: Garnet
3rd: Pearls 4th: Blue Topaz
5th: Sapphire 6th: Amethyst
7th: Onyx 8th: Tourmaline

9th: LapisLazuli

10th: Diamond Jewelry

11th: Turquoise 12th: Jade
13th: Citrine 14th: Opal
15th: Ruby 16th: Peridot
17th: Watches 18th: Cats-eye
19th: Aquamarine 20th: Emerald


No matter which anniversary you are celebrating, we want to congratulate you and help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your anniversary in style. Each piece will express your love and commitment with a unique flair.

Stop by our jewelry store in Scottsdale to see our wide selection of high-end jewelry or call 480-946-5110.

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