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Patek Philippe


5 Timeless Pieces You Should Have in Your Collection

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

With so many styles and designs in play in today’s fashion world, every woman is able to build her own eclectic collection of jewelry to suit their tastes. From daring and loud to simple and elegant, it’s becoming easier for women to develop a sense of adventure as they add to their collection. 

While it’s great to be able to build a wide selection of jewelry to accommodate any setting or event, there are certain pieces of jewelry that you should definitely have in your collection. These are the essentials that will cover you no matter what the situation. Here are 5 timeless pieces we recommend:

1. Diamond Stud Earrings 

These might be your every day, go-to earrings that you’ve had forever. They don’t have to be overwhelming or over-the-top. They can be simple studs that act as the backdrop for your other jewelry and overall look. Consider them more of a finishing touch that can go with any look, both toned down and dressed up.

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2. Cocktail Rings

Add a flash of color to your ensemble with a bright colored ring, like a cocktail or oversized ring. The best part is, the ring doesn’t even have to match with the rest of your outfit. You can add a completely different color to add flare and allow it to stand out from the rest of your outfit. 

3. Long Necklaces 

The long necklace, popular in the 1920’s by flappers, have definitely made a huge comeback on the runway recently. Many people find long necklaces to be the perfect compliment to a short pendant. They can go with almost any look and easily transition from day to night. Change things up by doubling it for a more concise look or wearing two or three at a time.

4. Hoop Earrings

Both substantial and casual, hoop earrings will always be stylish. They can be simple gold hoops or even slightly more ornamental with the addition of colored stones and diamonds. We’ll leave the size of the hoop up to you, as this definitely represents your style and character.

5. Bracelets

Bracelets have played a significant and important role for women in all cultures throughout all of time. They are often associated with protection or even marriage in some cultures. Some even wear bracelets as good luck charms. For the most classic and elegant look, try either a tennis bracelet or stacked bangles.

We suggest these as the basis for your jewelry collection. Adding to this collection will definitely take on a life of its own as you interject your personality and character.

We invite you to see the many timeless pieces we offer at Hamra Jewelers. Stop by for a visit or give us a call about a specific item at 480 946 5110.


How to Match Your Earrings to Your Hairstyle

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

When you choose earrings to wear to work, for a night on the town with friends, or for a formal event, are you considering your hairstyle? Even if you didn’t know that matching earrings and hairstyles is a “thing,” you may have at least sensed that it is important each time you look in the mirror before you head out the door. Since both hairstyles and earrings draw so much attention to you and your face, they should complement each other and not compete for attention.

There are basically 7 main styles of earrings to choose from:

·      Teardrops

·      Hoops

·      Huggies

·      Clusters

·      Chandeliers

·      Studs

·      Dangles

Each style has its own pros and cons as far as what it can contribute to your look and style. Hoops, studs and huggies are the most versatile and can pretty much be used with any hairstyle with the same effect. It’s always a good idea to have a selection of these styles of earrings in your jewelry box.

When Wearing Your Hair Down

We recommend clusters for when you wear your hair down. Not only are clusters simple, they can also be bold. Because they are made up of different stones and different materials, they add just the right amount of style and elegance to your look. They are also much more manageable for long hair because they do not become tangled with your hair the way dangling earrings would.

For Up Do’s

Dangling earrings are the perfect way to frame your face when wearing your hair in an up do or if you have more of a pixie style haircut. Dangles work to elongate your face while drawing your eyes upwards towards your face. There are many different kinds of dangles, which allow you to find just the right pair for whatever event you are attending.

Earrings for Side Braids

Choosing earrings for a side braid can be a little trickier based on the fact that there are different styles of side braids to choose from. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with something simple like hoops. You might try going with diamond encrusted hoops for a touch of elegance or even bright colored stones when wearing your side braid in a more boho style.

Half Up Hairstyles

Half up, half down hairstyles are very much in fashion these days. This is a very popular trend right now, one that needs very little competition from earrings. Our suggestion: wear either simple studs or no earrings at all. This way, you let your hair do the talking.

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More questions about earrings? Give Hamra Jewelers a call at 480-946-5110. Find out more about the incredible selection of elegant earrings we carry at our store and find the set that is just right for you and your hairstyle.

Why Are Rolex Watches so Popular?

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

Rolex has become known as one of the finest and most recognized timepiece brands to date. This is a classic timepiece that has found itself on the wrists of millions. But what makes Rolex watches so popular?

There are many reasons, here are a few.

From its conception, Rolex has made an honest name for itself and is seen as a reputable company. Simply put, they are trusted. Hans Wilsdorf revolutionized the wristwatch in the early 1900’s and has since then perfected the Rolex brand. It has over a century of experience in luxury watchmaking.

Additionally, Rolex builds its watches with the consumer in mind. Rolex watches are designed to fit your needs. Their watchmakers take every aspect of their designs into consideration. How will each feature influence the owner and how can the watch be improved for clientele? This is why Rolex is constantly improving their different collections.

Despite these constant updates, however, Rolex does maintain its signature features that make the brand so popular. One example is the Cyclops lens, which magnifies the date 2 ½ times. Accordingly, Rolex understands that while individuals want a high-end brand that offers a top quality product, watch owners also want something that is comfortable and simple to use. That is exactly what Rolex watches provide. The Rolex professional watch is a prime example that fits these needs.

Finally, Rolex was the first manufacturer making waterproofness a focus in their design. The Submariner, for instance, is designed to withstand 300 meters (1,000 ft.) of water. Not only is this convenient for daily encounters with instances such as dishwashing, rain, etc., but it also provides for more extreme situations that divers experience. The watch has been built to cater to a diver’s needs in every aspect.

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Because of these attributes, Rolex watches are in very high demand. As illustrated, Rolex has built more than a well-known name brand for itself. They have also created a genuine masterpiece fit for individuals from all walks of life.

If you are interested in adding this luxury piece to your life, be sure to purchase your next Rolex watch with Harma Jewelers for guaranteed satisfaction at the best price.

Which Watch Matches Your Personality

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee


When it comes to timepieces, it is critical that the right watch be chosen for each individual. This is dependent on one’s likes, dislikes, interests, and overall character. At Hamra Jewelers, we understand the importance of carefully selecting staple pieces that compliment more than just an individual’s outfit; watches should fit your personality as well.

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Whether you are more reserved or outgoing, or prefer the indoors to the outdoors, our watches are targeted to match all types of personalities, as illustrated below:


·  Patek Philippe – Are you one for tradition? If you yearn for classic, historical beauties in life, a Patek Philippe is a fine match. This is a perfect option for those who seek to preserve practices for generations to come all while adding a vintage touch to their lives.  

·  Rolex – Made for a strong, confident individual, this watch brand fits the personality of those looking to make a bold statement. Perfect for the business individual or professional, a Rolex is a high-end watch that exudes luxury and power.

·  Breitling – This brand is made for the adventurer. Long-term partners of aviation, Breitling timepieces are designed to withstand more severe conditions. Whether you are a pilot, outdoorsman, or simply desire something built to last, this is the best choice.


·  Diamond – This classic stone is ideal for those who yearn for a timeless, elegant lifestyle. Not only does the diamond radiate luxury, but it also offers a sense of sophistication that is perfect for the high class individual.

·  Ruby or sapphire – For those who seek a little more flare in life, the ruby or sapphire stones make a lovely touch to this individual’s watch. Individuals with a colorful, lively personality might enjoy this stone option in particular.  


·  Rose gold – The delicate shimmer of rose gold metal compliments those of the softer nature. This elegant style is for the man or woman who knows how to make a significant impact all while remaining humble and at ease.

·  Stainless steel – Unlike other metals, such as titanium, stainless steel is a strong material that is easily repaired and buffered for scratches. This is ideal for those who are constantly on the move and tend not to live as fragilely. Stainless steel’s protective design provides more freedom and durability.

·  White gold – Personalities that tend to shine and stand out go well with white gold watches. This metal sparkles, especially when purchased new. It complements those who love to leave an impression and mark their path with elegance.

For more guidance on which type of watch best matches your personality, call us at 480.946.5110.

Ways to Hint to Your Boyfriend What Kind of Engagement Ring You Want

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

engagement ring

In any committed relationship, there will inevitably come a time when both partners begin to seriously contemplate marriage. This is a significant milestone. Not only should the wedding be exceptional, but so should the proposal… which all comes down to the ring!

If you and your boyfriend are ready to tie the knot, there are several ways to subtly hint at what kind of engagement ring you want. Every engagement ring should be as unique and stunning as the bride to be. However, this may take some guidance on the girlfriend’s part.

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As a win-win for both parties, take the guessing game out of the equation for your boyfriend with these strategic engagement ring clues:

Utilize Social Media

We live in the age of technology. This makes social media an ideal outlet to drop hints about specific desirables. Create an engagement ring board on Pinterest, post pictures of your favorite ring style on Tumblr, or share a link to the actual ring you want on Facebook. He is bound to notice!

Refer a Friend

Ask a close friend or family member to act as your little bird and translate the message. Choose someone both you and your partner can trust that can get the job done. Ask them to casually show your boyfriend a picture of the engagement ring you want or to simply tell him which color and cut you prefer.

Window Shop

On a free day, take your boyfriend out for some light shopping. Explore stores you both enjoy so as not to seem suspicious, but be sure to pass by Hamra Jewelers simply to window shop. Point out a few styles that interest you and move on. This will peak his interest and indeed drop a clear hint.

Tell Him

For those who are interested in more of a direct approach, simply tell your boyfriend what kind of engagement ring you want. Make a defined verbal statement that is sure to lead him in the right direction. For instance, you might say, “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted an engagement ring that…” and clearly define your dream ring.

Whether you want a diamond, emerald, or multicolored ring, these tips are sure to guide your boyfriend toward the right choice. A little assistance is all it takes to receive the engagement ring you have always wanted.

And remember – we will be there every step of the way to help ensure that your boyfriend makes the best decision! It is our goal at Hamra Jewelers to provide the right engagement ring for every bride.

For any of your questions or concerns regarding our engagement rings, give us a call at 480-946-5110.


Ways to Wear Your Birthstone

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee


There are many reasons why people continue to buy and wear jewelry that highlights their specific birthstone. For some, it is the personal connection they have to their birthstone. Others believe that wearing their birthstone brings good fortune and will keep them away from trouble. There are also those who point to the metaphysical healing properties found in these stones.

Whatever the reason may be, wearing birthstone jewelry is just as popular now as it ever has been. Creative jewelers are constantly designing a variety of pieces that allow many different ways to wear your birthstone.

As a reminder, here is a list of birthstones, month-by-month:

January – Garnet: A traditional symbol of faith, love and constancy.

February – Amethyst: Symbol of strong relationships and courage.

March - Aquamarine: Good health, youth, love and hope.

April – Diamond: Everlasting love, purity, innocence and courage.

May – Emerald: Wisdom, growth, patience – also associated with fertility and rebirth.

June – Pearl: Suggests chastity, modesty and stable marriage relationships.

July – Ruby: Token of harmony, peace and nobility of character.

August – Peridot: Symbol of strength.

September – Sapphire: Dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith and wisdom.

October – Opal: Faithfulness, confidence, hope, creativity and innocence.

November – Topaz: Good mental health, love and affection.

December – Turquoise: Good fortune, success and happiness.

Some of the more popular ways to wear birthstones include the following:

·      Necklace – Whether on a simple gold or silver chain, or encrusted with diamonds for a more formal look, wearing a necklace with your birthstone keeps it close to your heart.

·      Pendant – This is a great idea when you want to give a non-romantic gift to someone special in your life. A pendant featuring their birthstone is something they can wear with almost anything and will always carry special meaning.

·      Bracelet – Hamra Jewelers carries a wide selection of bracelets containing birthstones, both simple and elaborate depending on how and when you will be wearing it. Choose a simple design for day to day wearing or something more intense to be worn in formal settings.

·      Rings – It has been suggested that rings that hold a birthstone are best worn on the left hand index finger. The middle finger should be avoided, as it is traditionally known as the unlucky finger.

·      Earrings – This might be the most popular way to wear birthstones.

If you have questions about how and when you should wear your birthstone, please give Hamra Jewelers a call at 480-946-5110.


The Most Popular Watches Made by Rolex

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

Rolex watches

Even those who aren’t familiar with high quality timepieces know the name Rolex. The Rolex brand is by far the best known and most iconic in the wristwatch industry. Since the beginning of the company in the early 1900’s through today, Rolex watches are extremely popular with collectors.

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Some of the pieces made by Rolex have been better received and sought after than others. Here we list 5 of the most popular watches made by Rolex:


Originally introduced as a timepiece for divers and other water sports enthusiasts, the Submariner has been extremely popular since its introduction in 1953. First designs of the watch kept them water resistant at up to 330 feet. As technology and innovation have advanced, the newest model of the Submariner allows it to perform well at up to 1000 feet under water.

It is not only a highly functional watch for those involved in specific activities, it is also eye-catching and sophisticated making it suitable for both diving and everyday activity.

GMT-Master II

This elegant watch was initially designed for international pilots who may need to keep track of time in more than one place in the world at a time. Aviators continued to use this watch because of its reliability and remarkable time keeping mechanism. It continues to be a popular piece today for anyone looking for a watch that looks good in both informal and formal settings.

Yachtmaster II

Very well known in the yachting world when first introduced in the 1950’s, the Yachtmaster II contained the first programmable mechanical countdown timer in the world, which made it very popular for yacht racing. The elegant style and superb construction make this an excellent watch, still popular today as one of the most stunning and good looking watches on the market.


First engineered in 1945, this watch continues to be one of the most recognized watches in the world today. It is known for its classic workmanship and style as well as its simple, yet stunning design. The Datejust Rolex was the first wristwatch to come with both a self-winding chronometer as well as a date display window on the dial. This is one of the most admired watches in the world and is a symbol of timeless luxury.

Rolex Daytona

Built with professional race car drivers in mind, the Rolex Daytona boasts a highly accurate and reliable chronograph and tachymeter scale. It has been used by racing teams to precisely measure speed up to 240 miles per hour and is truly legendary in the motor sports world. Collectors seeking a watch of superb quality construction using only the best materials will love the distinguished Rolex Daytona.

To see some of these pieces up close and personal, visit Hamra Jewelers, where we have an impressive selection of Rolex watches on display. Call us if you have questions at 480-946-5110.


Accessorize Your Man!

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

Men's Accessorize

For women, what can be more fun than taking your sharp dressed man’s appearance to the next level by helping him find just the right accessories to go along with his look? It’s one thing to spend time going through your own jewelry boxes trying to find the perfect set of earrings to go with your dress or the right color handbag that compliments your shoes. It’s quite another thing to try and find accessories for a guy that not only work with his look, but those that he will actually wear. 

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When it comes to accessories for men, it is more about the small details. Most men will not want to draw too much attention to themselves by wearing an accessory that is too big or loud (sorry ascots!). They are looking for something simple and refined that makes a statement. 

One of the best ways to accessorize your man without pushing him too far is to focus on the jewelry he is wearing. From rings to wristwatches, the right piece of jewelry can make just the right splash in your guy’s ensemble. Here are some suggestions for women looking for something for their man:

1. Timepiece

Wristwatches are in their own category when it comes to jewelry. They are both traditional and modern at the same time. It is common to see a man build their collection of watches to include several pieces, each with their own look and feel. For some men, this may be the only jewelry you can get them to wear. Encourage them to accessorize by giving them more watches to choose from.

2. Cufflinks

The nice thing about cufflinks is that, while they definitely add a classy look, they are just subtle enough that a guy is still willing to wear them. There are so many choices when it comes to cufflinks. You can easily find something that matches your man’s personality and interests. These days, men are just as likely to wear cufflinks to work as they are to more formal events. You can kick start his collection of cufflinks by finding one formal set and one more for fun.

3. Rings

You can actually get a guy to wear more than just his wedding ring if you find just the right piece. Again, most guys are looking more for sophistication than they are for flashiness when it comes to rings. You’ll be surprised how much he’ll love even the simplest design.

For more ideas on jewelry accessories for men, be sure to visit Hamra Fine Jewelers or give us a call at 480-946-5110. We often speak to customers who are looking for an idea for a specific event, like an anniversary or a promotion at work.


Pros of Buying a Pre-Owned Timepiece

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee



One of the things that makes fine jewelry so sought after and treasured is the fact that time has no hold on it. Jewelry keeps its beauty and allure no matter how much time has passed. Even when certain styles of jewelry fall out of fashion for a season, they sometimes make a comeback at one point or another. This is why people continue to build collections that they can pass down to their children and grandchildren. Prices may rise and fall, but the jewelry holds onto its sentimental and aesthetic value.

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This is definitely true when it comes to timepieces, which is why so many people these days are building their watch collection with pre-owned pieces. Certain styles and looks just cannot be replicated. There are definite benefits to buying pre-owned vintage watches including the following:

Rare Style and Design

Some watches were designed and built in a way that is simply timeless and unique. It is difficult to find anything that comes close to a matching the specific style of a certain vintage watch. These are the type of watches that combine both advanced sophisticated technology that allows the watch to work the way it is supposed to with a style and look that is a reflection of the elaborate design process. A master timepiece designer knows that his creation is so much more than just a means for telling time.


One reason why those looking to build their collection seek after pre-owned watches is because of the history of the piece. Collectors love finding watches that have a history or a story that goes along with it. Some watches are no longer in stock or unavailable from authorized dealers. Others were part of limited editions and cannot be found unless it is through another owner. Having watches connected to a specific story or time from history gives it its own personality and makes a treasured addition to any collection.


Perhaps the biggest reason why pre-owned timepieces are so popular is because they allow a collector to purchase the watch at a much lower cost than the current price. This makes classic, quality watches much more accessible to many different budgets. The nice part is, watches made by reputable brands such as Rolex and Breitling are still just as good as they were 50 years ago. You can find a timeless piece that is still in excellent working condition for much less than you would have paid for it when it was new.

Are you already a collector of timepieces or are you just getting started? Either way, be sure to check out the inventory of watches we carry at Hamra Jewelers. Stop by for a look or feel free to call with questions at 480 946 5110.


10-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Steve McGhee

10 Year AnniversaryReaching the 10-year mark for in a marriage is no small feat. There will continue to be significant milestones to mark your time together, but the first ten years definitely sends a statement about your commitment to each other.

At the beginning of your marriage, you might feel inspired to celebrate each and every anniversary no matter what the occasion, even if it’s the anniversary of your first kiss or your first date. As time goes on, it can be difficult to keep those celebrations up. Soon you find that just celebrating your wedding anniversary takes some serious focus.

Make sure you celebrate your 10th anniversary no matter what. Make it special and make it stand out from the first 9 celebrations. This is a great chance to give your significant other a special gift to mark the occasion.

Tin is the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary and many people choose gifts that either incorporate tin or the color of tin. Aluminum is the modern material that goes along with tin. Both tin and aluminum symbolize the necessary flexibility and durability of a marriage. If you want to stick with this tradition, you might choose a favorite picture of you together in a tin frame.

When it comes to jewelry, diamonds are the alternative, contemporary gift that goes along with the 10th anniversary. Diamond earrings or a diamond necklace might be in order to mark this very special occasion. Hamra Jewelers offers an assortment of diamond-featured necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

The tenth anniversary gemstone is blue sapphire. Again, nothing will make this anniversary stand out more than a beautiful piece of jewelry that highlights the tradition of hitting the 10-year mark. Perhaps an elegant sapphire and diamond necklace is the perfect gift, or blue sapphire earrings. Be sure to see what we have on hand at Hamra Jewelers.

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Of course, the wives may want to consider something completely different than jewelry for their husband. Maybe a new timepiece could be the appropriate gift to mark this very significant anniversary. Whether your husband is already a collector or this is his very first piece, we’re sure we can help you find the right timepiece at Hamra.

Stop by or give us a call today to find out more of what we have to offer. We hope we can make your 10th anniversary memorable by helping you find just the right gift.

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